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Team Baja Designs Athletes

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Smiles for miles😁 @sam_mcnees reppin' our Honda 450L Squadron Pro/S2 Sport Headlight Kit💡
✅ Hi/Lo Function
✅ Plug and Play
✅ 6,030 Lumens

🛵: @sam_mcnees 
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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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A little #tbt to racing in Vegas with @amanda.sorensen12 🎰 From ripping up the streets to terrorizing the desert this girl does it all🤘

🏎️: @amanda.sorensen12 
Lighting Package📦 50" OnX6 Racer Edition, x2 20" OnX6+, x2 XL Racers, X2 XL80
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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I think it is safe to say Travis loves the LP series🤩 With a combined 145,000 lumens you are going to need to put some sunglasses on when this beast comes barreling at you😎What build would you put this lighting package on?💡

Photo📸: @carlisuspension 
Lighting Featured⚡ x7 LP6s, x4 LP9s, x2 XL80, x2 Squadron Pros
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Now this is a #frontendfriday to rule them all👑 @madpews showing off his fresh 4runner redesign👀 Who else thinks 4Runners should come stock on 37s?

🚙: @madpews
Lighting Featured⚡ 30" S8, x2 XL80, X2 Squadron Pro, x2 S1, x2 s2 pro, XL Linkable Prinsu Roof Rack Kit
#BrighterBolderBetter #BajaDesigns #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Moisture Block is the technology that makes our lights water proof, dust proof, and  submergible up to 8 feet🎣 These features are result of our O-ring seal and power cord design👀 All and all these features allow for our lights to be brighter, bolder, better💡

The science behind Baja Designs🧑‍🔬
☑️ Moisture Block
✅ uService
✅ Clear View
✅ Copper Drive
✅Day Light

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#BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting #BajaDesigns
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The OnX6+ line is for the enthusiast looking to pack a punch🥊
✅31,910 lumens
✅high-low feature
✅straight or arced options
What vehicle would you put this bar on?🤔

📸: @matsulinex 
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#BajaDesigns #TheScientistsOfLighting #BrighterBolderBetter
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@lawndartdesign is a mastermind when it comes to his attention to detail🧠 This new Bronco build is no different. Equipped with our Ford Bronco Fog Pocket Kit get ready to go enjoy some nighttime adventures🏜️

🐴/📸 @lawndartdesign 
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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Prerunner? Tow Pig? Overlander? What would you call this dirt road destroyer?🏜️

🚗 @the_good_left_und0ne 
Lighting package⚡ x6 Squadron Pro, 30" OnX6+
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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It's #motomonday and this rocket is ready for take off🚀 With 4,600 lumens our Husqvarna XL Pro Headlight Kit packs some heat🔥 

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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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