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Who doesn't love the amber backlight? So good. #bajadesigns
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🤔👀 #bajadesigns
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@off_rodion showed us what five Baja Designs LP6 lights will put out 🤯 #bajadesigns #lp6
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It's like looking into the sun👀☀️ @danmcmillin at his pit stop at the Baja 1000. #bajadesigns
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We get asked “Where can I mount my rock lights?” we tell them... Anywhere you want 👀 @lobofabworks made a custom plug and play harness for a @gfc_usa camper. #bajadesigns
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Can you guess the lighting zones? #bajadesigns
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Who said you need a Jeep or truck to go hit the trail? @goadvtr

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