uService - Baja Designs


Being able to service your own equipment is a necessity when out on the trail or back home in your garage. You never know when damage will happen while out on your adventures. As enthusiasts ourselves, Baja Designs set out to make a light that is easily serviceable without damaging your performance lights. This is the core mission behind our uService® technology that’s built into every light Baja Designs produces.


Serviceability is Key

The serviceability of our lights is based around the compression of our unique O-ring seal that protects the sensitive internals of your lights from the elements such as dust and water. Where lesser quality lights use a silicone seal that are not designed for serviceability and are prone to seal leaks, the Baja Designs O-ring design allows our lights to be totally servicable by the user who can service and adjust the beam pattern with replacement lenses that are offered from Baja Designs.

User Serviceability is at the core of uService®

Our uService® technology is based around the compression of O-Ring seals instead of a silicone seal, which giving a completely waterproof and dustproof seal that make Baja Designs’ lights IP69K rated.  Using this specially designed O-ring allows our lights to be totally serviceable, thanks to the uService® technology.  This feature allows you to customize our lights with several of our lens kits to match your lighting needs. If for any reason you damage your lens or want to change the pattern of light, our uService technology allows users to easily refresh your product in minutes. Simply unscrew the Baja Designs’ water and dust-proof lens and O-Ring seal to install the replacement lens, getting you back on the trail quickly. NOTE: Our SAE lights do not fall under our uService® technology.

Lens Adjustability

With the uService® technology, our lights can be fitted with a clear or an amber lens, depending on personal preference. Clear lenses work for most situations, whereas an amber lens would be suitable when you want a less intense light and to create contrast in your light spread. It is also good for inclement or less than ideal conditions cutting through dust and fog, while in rain and snow conditions amber will keep the reflections to a minimum.  With the UService® feature in every Baja Designs light, you can be confident in switching lenses quickly when needed without the worry of tearing up your lights.

From replacing damaged lenses or changing your light pattern, serviceability and changing the optics of your light has never been easier with our UService® technology. We encourage customers to make the most of our uService technology to obtain their perfect lighting setup. Combined with our limited lifetime warranty, uService offers the ultimate in-purchase protection.

Note about cleaning your Baja Designs’ Products:


As a reminder, the use of sodium hydroxide will eat through the anodized coating that is used on most Baja Designs LED Lights.Though we do warranty most defects, including those that impact coatings and finishes, your claim will not be honored if we determine that your product was damaged due to the use of sodium hydroxide.We recommend a mild (dish or car) soap, or silicone spray for cleaning your Baja Designs lights.