Zone 6 | Rock Light

Lighting Zone 6 | Rock Light

This is the Rock Light Zone. Lights in this zone illuminates the wheel wells or undercarriage and is perfect for any type of tight situations where you need to see under or around the bottom of the vehicle.

Lights in Zone 6 are entirely user dependent, but typically one per vehicle corner, inside the wheel well or bumpers achieve the best results. The versatility of these form factor lights allows for their mounting inside vehicle roll-cages and tail gate panels as well. Make sure you understand your vehicle’s suspension so you don’t mount them where the lights will come into contact with moving parts.

Zone 6 lighting is bright but not an overpowering amount of light, especially when navigating technical terrain, at camp or making a trail repair under your vehicle.

For most applications, one light per corner is enough. Dedicated rock crawlers may want to increase this count based upon their needs.

Below are the most popular Zone 6 lights: