Zone 4 LED Lighting | LED Spot Lights

Lighting Zone 4 | Spot Lights

Lens Pattern: Spot

Drive faster and safer off-road with Zone 4 lighting, which is the dedicated LED spot light in our revolutionary Lighting Zone System. This is the zone that begins to move away from your near- and mid-field lighting distances and moves into long-distance lights. Zone 4 is essential when driving at night and allows you to gauge the terrain and spot obstacles for adequate reaction times.

Placement, Power and Pattern
As with all of our Lighting Zones at Baja Designs, Zone 4 lighting is a thoughtful combination of these three crucial elements of reliable off-road lighting. Unlike Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 that are positioned lower on the front of your vehicle, Zone 4 is mounted higher — either on the A-pillar or on the roofline. This placement ensures that the glare from particulates, fog and dust are reduced. Zone 4 LED spot lights should only be used when absolutely necessary to reduce power consumption and vision fatigue. Zone 4’s power is determined by the output of your Zone 3 lighting; it should be brighter than Zone 3. We recommend the spot pattern lens for Zone 4 for the tightest beam that will produce less glare.

Popular Zone 4 Options
Check out our popular Zone 4 LED spot lights below. With our selection of high-quality and high-performance LED spot lights, you’ll be able to mix and match your lights and customize them to your needs. Choose between LED bar spot lights, LP9 driving combos, and other designs that are critical to your off-road lighting needs.

Below are the most popular Zone 4 lights: