Military and Government Lighting Solutions

Put the most powerful automotive lights in the world into service for your team by trusting Baja Designs. Our military and government vehicle lighting greatly increases visibility while allowing you to maintain a low profile for covert operations. Many of our IR and LED lights are used by all branches of the United States Military and other government entities. They’re also ideal for hunting, ground security, and other tactical applications. For infrared lights and light bars, power needs to meet strength. At Baja Designs, our infrared lights can handle whatever the road throws at them. With over 30 years of off-road lighting experience, the infrared lights at Baja Designs provide powerful IR light and off-road durability.

*The Squadron 940nm IR is the exclusive light of the Polaris M-RZR and Dagor.

Military and Government IR/LED Lights


Non-IR Lighting Solutions

Baja Designs offers non-IR lighting solutions for Military and Government applications.

sPOD –  Power Management at your Fingertips

sPOD power management solutions give the ability to take control of your power accessories all in one unit. The connect-and-go systems have been designed to fit seamlessly into almost any vehicle and come in multiple configurations to fit your needs.  From our 6-switch Mini6 SourceLT system to our 8-switch HD and touchscreen BantamX systems allows you power management when you need it.

We do offer a full range of non-IR lighting solutions to meet many different Military applications. To see our full range of lights, CLICK HERE

IR Driving Lights for Night Vision

If you truly need to remain out of sight, Baja Designs makes military vehicle infrared lights. Pair them with night-vision goggles for clandestine driving. These IR headlights also have center LEDs for when you need more traditional lighting — just hit the switch to flip back and forth between the two modes. We offer 850nm and 940nm infrared military lights that have been tested in the field to prove they work.

Custom Tactical Lights

One of the reasons people prefer Baja military lights is that they can be set up any way you want. Universal mounting systems let you attach lights to bumpers, A-pillars, grilles, spare tire holders, license plates, and much more. Vehicle-specific kits are available as well. Baja Designs offers discounts for all military personnel as a thank-you for your service. Contact us to learn how you can save on premium tactical lighting.