Zone 8 | Backup/Reverse

Lens Pattern - Driving Combo
Wide Cornering
Zone 7 - Word/Scene Lens Pattern

Zone 8 | Backup/Reverse

Lens Pattern: Wide Cornering, Work/Scene
This is the reverse or dust light zone. Being seen is almost always as important as seeing when driving at night. From off-roading at night to pulling out of your driveway, people are only able to react to what they can actually see. Using a dust light can help mitigate the risk in low visibility situations.

Zone 8 for reverse or dust lights use two completely different locations but share one common direction; facing rearward. Reverse lights are typically mounted under or inside of rear bumpers. Dust lights are mounted higher up on the vehicle such as the roof line, to avoid being obscured as the vehicle angle changes. The intent is to have these lights high above the dust as possible to be the most visible.

Zone 8 power is solely users choice. Some vehicles may benefit from a less powerful reverse light, whereas some users may opt for the most powerful and visually obvious dust light they can run.

The pattern of these lights is application dependent. Reverse lights benefit from the Work/Scene pattern, which provides a round and smooth pattern of light. A Wide/Cornering lens can be used when closer to the ground, or to gain a bit of distance while maintaining a wide spread of light. For dust lights, they should be installed higher such as on a rooftop to shine light as far above the dust as possible.

The power of each of these lights is up to user preference. That said, many off-roaders prefer brighter rear dust (chase) lights. We recommend the amber dust light color choice, which minimizes the reflection and the glare from the dust and other particulates.