Zone 51 | Laser Series

Lighting Zone 51 | Laser Zone

Lens Pattern: Spot
This is the ultimate in distance lighting, the laser zone. This is a spotlight designed for use in high speed and distances, in applications such as search and rescue, industrial, and security -or, you want to go really fast.

Zone 51 light placement is similar to zones 4 and 5. With distance the goal of zone 51 lighting, you want to avoid mounting these lights too low to prevent being obscured from rocks and brush. The tightness of these lights is more suitable to a placement above the hood line because of the far reach of the lasers and very low spill (or free light) that would otherwise reflect back into your eyes.

Zone 51 power should be taken into consideration relative to your other zone lights. If you feel that you are outrunning our Racer Edition lights, you can slowly introduce our laser series until you find the right amount of distance lighting. We do not recommend running laser lights without supporting lights. Zone 51 lighting is a compliment to your existing spot lighting, not a replacement.

Zone 51 only uses a spot pattern, unless used in our Laser Hybrid series, which uses the best of laser and LED diodes.