BMT – Battery Management

B.M.T. – Battery Management Technology Summary

Our Engineers have put substantial efforts towards ensuring our light bars are running at 100%, while doing this we’ve found the next threshold in pushing our bars that much harder. Your vehicle is only capable of producing a certain amount of current and distributing it to A/C components, Radios, Vehicle ECUs, and other systems. Baja Designs found a way to pull every amp out of your vehicle with our new BMT. 

We’ve incorporated new components into our circuitry to regulate the draw of power from your vehicle by our OnX6 light bar. If your vehicle’s charging system falls below 13.5V while the light bar is on, our light will automatically adjust its output gradually to maintain a consistent current. Common reasons for this voltage drop include activating additional accessories like lights, stereos, or air compressors. This feature ensures slight dimming of the light, protects the wiring harness and adds safeguarding to your vehicle’s overall electrical system. 

B.M.T. – Features

  • Elimination of Flickering Under Low Voltage
  • Added Protection To Vehicles Electrical System From Dangerous Current Spikes
  • Prolonged Car Battery Life