Tan vehicle with soldiers inside


Sometimes, you need to see others without being seen. For those who like to maintain a low profile, Baja Designs has a great selection of infrared LED off-road lights and laser lights designed to fit your specific make and model of vehicle. Our infrared or IR automotive lights are based on the same technology used in night-vision goggles and other nighttime optical devices. Using IR lighting allows drivers to see what’s ahead without shining a beacon from their vehicle, making them less visible to those they don’t want to be seen by. Whether you need an IR hunting light, infrared security lighting, or a general off-roading light, we have the right solution for your needs, all backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Military Lighting for Vehicles

Infrared lighting is sometimes referred to as military lighting because it’s mainly used in operations where being stealthy is important. The Baja Designs team has adapted several of our industry-leading LED auxiliary lights for use as automotive infrared lights, giving you the upper hand in critical situations. In most cases, our infrared lights can be used in either LED or infrared mode, meaning you can choose your lighting output so you’re covered for every situation. Use the light as an LED and then flip to IR mode when you want to go incognito. The S2 Pro is one of our best-sellers. It is a compact driving light that will help you spot wildlife and intruders covertly. It comes with a mounting bracket to install like a regular aux light. (Please note that this fixture must be used in tandem with night vision goggles.)

Night Vision Task Light

If you need a high-power infrared light, the Baja Designs infrared Squadron Pro series is up to the task. Both driving/combo IR lights and infrared-LED work lights are available in 850nm or 940nm outputs. These military-grade lights are the official IR lights of the Polaris MRZR and Dagor vehicles used by the U.S. armed forces and they’re available for civilian use. The IR Follow Me Light is another option for when you need more directional versatility.

No matter what your needs are, Baja Designs has the right driving lights for every situation. Our off-road infrared lighting solutions are designed to be easy to install and to deliver the performance you want at a price you can appreciate. Browse our selection today and order your favorite vehicle-mounted IR lights.