You’ll always know what’s coming up ahead when you have automotive laser lights installed on your vehicle. The Baja Designs laser LED series breaks new ground in long-distance visibility with a unique design that can throw light up to 3.5x farther than other off-road lights while using a tight 1.5-degree spotlight beam pattern. You’ll be able to see sharp turns, jumps, animals far in the distance with plenty of time to react.

Off-Road Laser Lights

We offer several types of laser LED projection lights that are exclusive to Baja Designs.

  • XL Laser high-speed spotlight series – Combines our propriety automotive optics with four laser chips for distance lighting that other LED and HID technology can’t touch.
  • OnX6 full laser light bar – Project a wider beam pattern so you can see even more.
  • OnX6 Hybrid LED-laser light bar – If space is an issue for bars, the OnX6 Hybrid is the best of what a laser and LEDs can offer. Two laser chips and four LED chips are blended together with separate operations so you can see the widest possible expanse.
  • S1 laser LED light – If you’re limited on space, the S1 Laser is a compact package that delivers big-time illumination. Pair them with existing auxiliary lights and headlights for a complete off-road visibility solution.