Zone 3 | Driving Combo

Lighting Zone 3 | Driving Combo

Lens Pattern: Driving Combo
The driving combo is the core zone that you will build your lighting package around and will determine how your other zones will be tuned. This is especially true for high-performance off-road lighting.

Lights in Zone 3 are typically in the center of the vehicle, either on the bumper on in the grill. In general, we suggest 80% of your lighting package stay below the hood line for the best results.

Zone 3 you can feature as much light as you want, but only if you balance this relative to your other zones. Zone 3 should be significantly brighter than Zone 1 and Zone 2, but make sure your Zone 3 lights don’t wash out your spot lights.

We recommend our Driving/Combo pattern as the perfect pattern for Zone 3 since it provides a wide and spot element all into one lens.

Below are the most popular Zone 3 lights: