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Being able to service your own equipment is crucial, whether you are on the trail or at home in your garage. Unexpected damage can occur during your adventures. As offroad enthusiasts, Baja Designs’ priority is to design easily serviceable lights without sacrificing performance. This is the core principle behind our uService® technology, incorporated into every light we manufacture. 

Serviceability is Key

The serviceability of our lights is based around the compression of our unique O-ring seal that protects the sensitive internals of your lights from the elements such as dust and water. While lower-quality lights utilize silicone seals that are not intended for serviceability and are susceptible to seal leaks, the Baja Designs O-ring design empowers users to fully service and adjust the beam pattern. This is made possible through replacement lenses offered by Baja Designs. 

Our uService® technology relies on the compression of O-Ring seals instead of silicone, providing a fully waterproof and dustproof seal that achieves Baja Designs’ lights an IP69K rating. This specially designed O-ring enables complete serviceability, thanks to the uService® technology, allowing users to customize lights with various lens kits to suit their needs. If you damage your lens or wish to alter the light pattern, our uService technology enables easy product refreshment in minutes. Simply unscrew the Baja Designs’ water and dust-proof lens and O-Ring seal to install the replacement lens, swiftly getting you back on the trail. Note: Our SAE lights do not utilize our uService® technology. 

Lens Adjustability

With uService® technology, our lights offer the flexibility to be fitted with a clear or amber lens, catering to personal preferences. Clear lenses suit most situations, while amber lenses are ideal for creating less intense light and enhancing contrast in light spread. Additionally, amber lenses excel in inclement or challenging conditions, cutting through dust and fog, and minimizing reflections in rain and snow. With uService® featured in every Baja Designs light, you can confidently switch lenses as quickly as needed, without risking damage to your lights.

From replacing damaged lenses or changing your light pattern, serviceability and changing the optics of your light has never been easier with our UService® technology. We encourage customers to make the most of our uService technology in an effort to obtain their perfect lighting setup. Combined with our limited lifetime warranty, uService offers the ultimate in purchase protection.

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5000K Daylight Logo

Human eyes have evolved to see best at noon on a sunny day which translates to a color temperature of 5000° Kelvin.   A color temperature of 5000K greatly reduces driver fatigue and increases terrain recognition. BD exclusively uses 5000K LEDs to ensure the safest and highest performing driving experience.

Moistureblock USP Logo

When hitting the trails, dependable lighting is essential regardless of the weather. Whether facing heavy rain, water submersion, dust storms, or snow, your LED lights should stand up to the challenge. At Baja Designs, ensuring that each of our lights can perform in the harshest conditions is at the core of our exclusive MoistureBlock® technology. 

Moisture infiltration can wreak havoc on your light’s internal components, compromising reflectors, LEDs, and potentially causing shorts that diminish performance on the trails. Safeguarding your performance lights against such damage begins with implementing O-ring seals strategically placed to prevent moisture and dirt ingress. Unlike the silicone beads found in lower-quality lights, O-rings offer superior protection against moisture and dust, ensuring longevity and reliability. Our lights boast IP69K and Mil-Std810 compliance, guaranteeing resilience even in the face of submersion during river crossings. Utilizing O-rings also enables complete serviceability, courtesy of Baja Designs’ uService® technology. This innovative feature empowers you to tailor our lights to your specific lighting requirements using a variety of lens kits. 

What is IP69K?

IP69K is an Ingress Protection (IP) rating, specifically designed to classify the degree of protection provided by a device against ingress of dust and water. The IP69K rating is one of the highest levels of protection available. The “IP” stands for “Ingress Protection,” and the numbers that follow indicate the level of protection against solids and liquids, respectively. The first digit represents protection against solids (like dust), while the second digit represents protection against liquids (like water). The “6” in IP69K signifies the highest level of protection against solids, indicating that the device is dust-tight, meaning no dust can penetrate it under normal conditions. The “9K” represents the highest level of protection against liquids, specifically against high-pressure and high-temperature water jets. 

In practical terms, a device with an IP69K rating is completely dust-tight and can withstand powerful, high-temperature water jets from close range without allowing any water to penetrate. This makes it highly suitable for use in harsh environments where exposure to dust, water, and high-pressure cleaning is common, such as industrial settings or off-road applications like automotive lighting. 

All this testing to be classified to the highest-level means that no matter what Baja Designs light you choose, it will work wherever you go!

*Note: If you cut past the Moisture block, your light will lose its IP69 Rating! 

Second, our engineers solved the issue of water working its way up the cord and into the light with BD’s proprietary MoistureBlock® system.  Using our exclusive seal, the MoistureBlock® system consists of a seal where the power cord enters the housing in both pods and light bars. This seal prevents moisture from penetrating further, saving your lights from damage.  Even if you cut the connector off, your light will still be waterproof! This is unique to all Baja Designs lights and provides peace of mind while on the trails. 

All Baja Designs products go through rigorous testing to be classified as IP69K. The test consists of: 

  • The test specifies a spray nozzle that is fed with 80 °C water at 80–100 bar (~1160-1450) and a flow rate of 14–16 L/min. 
  • The nozzle is held 10–15 cm from the tested device at angles of 0°, 30°, 60° and 90° for 30 seconds each. The test device sits on a turntable that rotates once every 12 seconds. 
  • On top of these tests, our product is also submersible up to 8 ft. 

All this testing to be classified to the highest-level means that no matter what Baja Designs light you choose, it will work wherever you go! 


Clearview USP logo

With more usable patterns than any other manufacturer, ClearView® provides you with a light for every zone and a scientific method to the madness. This proprietary optics system is computer-designed in-house by Baja Designs’ team of racing engineers, leveraging their firsthand understanding of drivers’ and riders’ lighting requirements. Each new optic is meticulously prototyped and personally tested and perfected by Alan Roach, Baja Designs Engineer, Founder, and Racer. 

“The ultimate goal of lighting is to provide a smooth field of light so the driver can drive quickly with minimal fatigue. My engineering and racing knowledge combined with the feedback of our professional racers and drivers has allowed us to develop the best optics in the industry.” – Alan Roach, Baja Designs Engineer, Founder, and Racer. 

Each optic is designed to illuminate one or more of seven specific Lighting Zones.   BD’s racing engineers were the first to define these lighting zones and to design specific patterns for the lesser known cornering, dust/fog and High Speed Spot zones.  BD’s Wide Cornering and Wide Driving patterns were the first HID and LED lights that offered both a horizontal cut off and a wide pattern to make the light usable in fog or dust without causing blinding back scatter and also fill the important cornering zone so the driver doesn’t feel like he is driving in a tunnel.  BD’s High Speed Spot™ has revolutionized LED lighting by truly achieving the distance of an HID with the smoothness of an LED. Other patterns available are Driving, Spot, Flood/Work and Dome/Interior. Amber patterns are also available.

Copperdrive USP Logo

BD’s CopperDrive® LED management system uses next-gen circuit board and driver technology to ensure the safe operation of high-powered LEDs at maximum capacity. With four levels of thermal management, heat from the LEDs is transferred up to 3000% more efficiently, enhancing performance and longevity. Additionally, this system provides an extra layer of vibration isolation, resulting in the market’s highest-performing and longest-lasting LED lights. 

Our circuit boards use copper instead of aluminum to help transfer heat more efficiently from the LED to the thermal gap pad. The thermal gap pad is important in aiding heat transfer to the heat sink, which keeps the LEDs cool and provides vibration damping. The microprocessor-controlled thermistors help to constantly monitor the temperature of the LED to ensure brightness and longevity. 

Battery Management Technology USP Logo

Our Engineers have put substantial efforts towards ensuring our light bars are running at 100%, while doing this we’ve found the next threshold in pushing our bars that much harder. Your vehicle is only capable of producing a certain amount of current and distributing it to A/C components, Radios, Vehicle ECUs, and other systems. Baja Designs found a way to pull every amp out of your vehicle with our new BMT. 

We’ve incorporated new components into our circuitry to regulate the draw of power from your vehicle by our OnX6 light bar. If your vehicle’s charging system falls below 13.5V while the light bar is on, our light will automatically adjust its output gradually to maintain a consistent current. Common reasons for this voltage drop include activating additional accessories like lights, stereos, or air compressors. This feature ensures slight dimming of the light, protects the wiring harness, and adds safeguarding to your vehicle’s overall electrical system. 

B.M.T. – Features

  • Elimination of Flickering Under Low Voltage
  • Added Protection To Vehicles Electrical System From Dangerous Current Spikes
  • Prolonged Car Battery Life
Lifetime Warranty Baja Designs USP Logo

Our warranties cover defects in design and manufacturing exclusively. They don’t extend to installation errors, wear and tear, acts of God, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidents, collisions, defects arising from custom specifications provided by you, or any modifications not performed by us.  Learn more HERE

30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed Logo

Customer satisfaction stands at the core of who Baja Designs is as a company.  BD gives you a full 30 days to test out your new LED light and if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back for an exchange or refund of the purchase price and applicable tax. Learn more HERE