Zone 2 | Cornering

Lighting Zone 2 | Cornering

Lens Pattern: Wide Cornering
This is the Cornering zone, which provides light in your peripheral view in order to prevent tunnel vision. Illuminate obstacles or animals entering the trail to better gauge terrain while making a turn. Cornering light is necessary to drive comfortably at speeds.

Lights in Zone 2 are typically mounted on the outside of the bumpers or mounted off the A-Pillars of the vehicle. Wide-pattern lighting is not recommended on the a-pillar unless angled outward as it could result in perceived glare from the hood.

Zone 2 lighting should be brighter relative to your zone 1 lighting but not more powerful than your zone 3 lighting or primary driving lights.

Zone 2 is all about illuminating the peripheral areas of your lighting zone, so our Wide/Cornering lens pattern is what is recommended in this zone. This lens provides the greatest amount of horizontal spread and helps blend into Zones 1 and 3.

Below are the most popular Zone 2 lights: