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Over 25 years ago, Baja Designs was founded with a passion and thirst for off road. Performance driven and race proven - Baja Designs engineers and manufactures American made products, using only the best components available, right here in San Diego, California.
What separates Baja Designs from the imitators, fakes, and clones. NOT ALL LUMENS ARE CREATED EQUAL!
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@akraup has all the bells and whistles on his Toyota 4Runner🛎️ 

🚘: @akraup
Lighting Featured⚡ x3 LP6s, 30" S8, x2 Squadron Pros, 20" S8, x2 XL80s
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Who else loves to bomb through a good river crossing?💣 Our MoistureBlock Technology prevents any intake of water through electrical connections by using a proprietary power cord, consisting of three joints in the cord, which completely block out moisture 🌊This means you can keep smashing though those watery trails 💪

🌮: @noypiventures 
📸: @geoscoutadventures 
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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Time for some subie love❤️ @iamabanana1984 is packing some heat on the front end of his Crosstrek🌞

🚔: @iamabanana1984
Lighting Package📦 40" S8, x2 LP6s, x2 LP4s, x4 Squadron-R Sports
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Our sleek and stealth S8 is perfect for getting into some of those tight spaces🥷 
Paired up with some @sdhq brackets you will be dialed in☎️

🚐: @f250_life 
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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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It's Friday, and we have a #frontendfriday build that might just knock your socks off🧦 This Toyota Troopy built by @johnprolly is reppin' our Amber Driving/Combo LP6s on the front💡 

🚐: @johnprolly 
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#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Who else is jumping through the work week?🦘
@lawndartdesign took this lighting package to the next level with a 20” Hybrid Laser OnX6+ for when it’s time to boogie🕺

🚔: @lawndartdesign 
Lighting Featured⚡ 20" Hybrid Laser OnX6+, x2 Squadron Pros, Custom 6 XL Linkable
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Don't let the weather get in the way of your wheeling🌨️ Our MoistureBlock technology features o-ring seals and a proprietary power cord, keeping the elements out☂️ The Baja Designs product line features IP69k compliance allowing our lights to be submergible up to 8 feet so you'll never have to worry when the weather takes a turn⚡

🚔: @mrluilou 
lighting Featured💡 x2 LP6s, Toyota Squadron Sport Fog Pocket Kit
Tap that ⛓️LINK IN BIO⛓️ to learn more about MoistureBlock
#BajaDesigns #BrighterBolderBetter #TheScientistsOfLighting
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Being able to service your own equipment is a necessity when out on the trail or back home in your garage. Baja Designs set out to make a light that is easily serviceable is the core mission behind our uService® technology

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Making sure the elements don’t damage the internals of your performance lights first and every light we produce works in the worst of conditions is core of our exclusive MoistureBlock™ technology.

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ClearView™ is our proprietary optics, which are computer designed in-house by Baja Designs’ team of racing engineers who have first-hand knowledge of the lighting needs of all types of drivers and riders.

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