Race Contingency Program

2023 Baja Designs Contingency Program

Earn money back for running Baja Designs lights at approved racing events!

To download PDF: 2023 Contingency Program

Requirements & Eligibility

  • Decal Sizes & Placement

Truck: (2) 8” Hex decals placed on the side and (2) 4” Hex decals forward facing (headlight/valance)

Buggy: (2) 8” Hex decals on the side and (1) 8” Hex decal centered on the skid plate

UTV: (2) 4” Hex decals on the side and (2) 2” Hex decals forward facing

M/C: (2) 2” Hex decals forward facing and (1) 2” Hex decal on helmet

  • Must exclusively use Baja Designs product
  • Must be registered with Tech Inspection/Contingency
  • Minimum 5 entries in class
  • Baja Designs products must be displayed on the vehicle at all times and use a minimum (1) Light Bar or (2) Auxiliary Lights on day races when lighting is not needed.
    Any claims submitted without photo verification and/or does not have forward-facing daytime light will not be honored.
  • Social Media Tags
  • Instagram: @BajaDesigns
  • Facebook: Baja Designs
  • Hashtags: #BajaDesigns #TheScientistsofLighting #TeamBD #BrighterBolderBetter

All contingency payouts are in cash or Baja Designs Product, specified on each contingency award.

*Cash Payout

2023 Baja Designs Contingency Schedule