Zone 1 LED Lighting | Dust/Fog

Lighting Zone 1 | Dust/Fog Lights

Lens Pattern: Wide Cornering

Our Lighting Zone System begins with Lighting Zone 1, which helps illuminate near-field distances. The wide cornering pattern of Zone 1 LED fog lights provides you with lighting that cuts through the dust, fog, and other particulates that can occur in both inclement weather conditions such as snow, rain as well as dusty off-road trail areas. Our Zone 1 LED lights spread light horizontally, providing close-range safety lighting.

Placement, Power, and Pattern
Zone 1 lighting placement is directly in front of your vehicle and is mounted low on the bumper. This LED fog light’s low placement eliminates the glare that can reflect back at you. Our LED fog lights in Zone 1 shouldn’t be mounted or aimed too high. Unlike mid-field or distance LED lights, dust, and fog lights don’t necessarily need to be very high powered — a little goes a long way. Zone 1’s lighting is to identify objects in dust and fog, which lower-powered lights are ideal for. The lighting pattern in Zone 1 should have a minimum vertical field. Amber fog lights also help to reduce glare and minimize reflection.

Rigorously Tested for Years of Use
We have a great selection of Zone 1 lights in varying colors, designs, and for different purposes. Below you’ll find some of our most popular Zone 1 lighting products. Each LED light is put through rigorous testing, and many of our products are made in America. Whether you’re looking for off-road lighting and LED fog lights for everyday driving, off-roading or to modify a work or farm truck, you’ll find a great fog light selection here at Baja Designs.

Below are the most popular Zone 1 lights: