May 2023

We are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with Two Track Nation, bringing a remarkable customization project that combines functionality, style, and ruggedness. Together, we have created a custom set of Baja Designs Squadron Pros and sPOD HD Panel in a captivating Camo Cerakote finish. We are proud to showcase this unique collaboration in our upcoming Overland Expo West booth.

Limited Edition Set Here: https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/baja-designs-spod-camo-collection-squadron-pro-bantamx-hd-kit/

Limited Edition Sets: 

To commemorate the Overland Expo West and the adventurous spirit of Two Track Nation, we have crafted ten exclusive limited sets that include a set of Baja Designs Squadron Pros and sPOD BantamX 8-switch HD Panel. Each set is a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines our collaboration.

Camo Cerakote Finish:

The Cerakote finish on the Baja Designs Squadron Pro and sPOD HD Panel is a thin, protective coating creating a durable and long-lasting barrier. It is known for its resistance to wear, chemicals, abrasion, and impact. The coating can withstand high temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, making it ideal for it’s most commonly found on firearms. 

Squadron Pro

The Baja Designs Squadron Pro uses next-generation LEDs pushing out 4,095 lumens at three amps with a clear combo lens for distance and midfield visibility while backed by a lifetime warranty. 

sPOD BantamX and HD Panel 

The sPOD BantamX and HD Panel is a power control module designed to simplify and streamline the management of 12V and 24V accessories in off-road vehicles. They provide a centralized hub for controlling and powering accessories such as lights, winches, and fridges. The BantamX is rated for 30A across eight circuits up to a 100A max. Simplify your wiring and power management system with one wire going straight to the switch panel. 


Please note that the Camo Collaboration set, including the Camo Cerakote, finished sPOD HD Panel, will only be sold as a complete package and only at Overland Expo. Once these limited sets are sold out, they will not be reproduced. Therefore, this is a rare opportunity to acquire a truly one-of-a-kind setup that combines top-tier lighting performance with a captivating design.

The Camo Collaboration between our team and Two Track Nation represents the spirit of adventure in Overlanding. Combining the exceptional lighting capabilities of Baja Designs Squadron Pros with the intuitive control of the sPOD HD Panel, this limited edition set creates a unique and captivating design retailing for $1,644.95. Come see us in our booth at Overland Expo West booth P10 and P20.