Dec 2021

Lights are a very important part of your off-road setup.  You will want to have lights all around, from illuminating the trail in front of your vehicle, to lights behind for when you back up. It is up to the enthusiast to have the right amount of light for their situation. One light that often gets overlooked is rock lights. What are rock lights you ask? Rock lights are little lights that are often affixed to underneath the body of the vehicle, wheel wells, or anywhere you need to illuminate specific areas to highlight suspension components or rocks and debris that can cause damage to your vehicle. Baja Designs offers a rock-light solution that not only makes the area you need bright, but the 180-degree optic and low form factor mean mounting them anywhere such as your cab, engine bay wheel wells, or anywhere else you need bright and smooth light. Considered our Zone 6 lighting, Rock Lights should be an essential part of your build.

There are endless applications that one can use rock lights for.  Designed with a universal fit in mind, these versatile little lights can be installed anywhere when you will need light.

Before buying rock lights, you will need to answer a few key questions so that you get the max out of your Baja Designs rock lights.

Use: What conditions will you need your Rock Lights to work in? Are you needing lights to illuminate certain key areas such as suspension components for the times you will need to service your vehicle on the trail?

Location: Where you plan to mount your rock lights will dictate how much light you need for your application. Do you need a camp light or light below your vehicle to illuminate debris that could damage vital components?

Every off-roader could benefit from having rock lights on their rig. They provide safety and in the event of trailside repairs give you light where it is needed.

Rock Lights - Vehicle


Baja Designs Rock Light Specifications:

  • Lumens: 400
  • Watts/Amps: 4/.40
  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.2″ x .45″ – 1.8oz
  • Colors: White, Red, Green, Amber, Blue

A small, yet effective tool to have on your build, Rock Lights provide that necessary light when maintenance issues arise on the trail. Rock lights can also illuminate the area right below the vehicle or scene lighting.