Aug 2022

Pure 4x4 Basecamp 5.0 | Event Recap

For the past few years, a group of guys have been making some noise in the event and off-road industry – that would be non-other than our friends at Pure 4×4. A group whose purpose is to create a space for those to go beyond social media and have enthusiasts and companies of the Overlanding industry gather in an inclusive event called BASECAMP.  

Baja Designs took to the mountains of the Holcomb Valley Ranch in Big Bear, Ca, for the fifth edition of their event BASECAMP 5.0. It was a weekend full of incredible people and other industry partners, from the burger cook-off and off-road fun to camping along a beautiful meadow. It was an event to remember that is  for certain. Especially when it came time for the Baja Designs Lumen Hour, what is that, you may ask? Essentially everyone in BASECAMP turned on all their lights and drove around camp. No one knows the exact combined lumen count at the event, but it sure was great to see our product represented throughout the night.  

But this event is more than just another trade show and people camping in a field. With countless miles of accessible OHV trails near the campground, we thought, why not set out on the trail at night to put our products to the test? A quick run up to the famous John Bull trail gatekeeper and watch a few friends take their rigs up it. There was Chase Gardner, in his long travel 2009 Lexus GX470 and Baja Designs Engineer, Myles Dörnhöfer in his solid axle, swapped second-gen Toyota 4runner. The rest of us were in vehicles that wouldn’t even make it 10 ft down this trail without major body damage. But they went up the trail easily, turned around, and continued on.

Overall the Pure 4×4 BASECAMP 5.0 was an incredible event and is a prime example of why we need to get out and go explore. Not only were we able to attend and show our support for the Pure 4×4 crew we were able to meet new faces and demonstrate practical uses of our lights out on the trail. Over thousands of dollars of prizes were given out to attendees during the raffle, it is safe to say a few lucky people went home with some of our lights.  

Toyota 4Runner children in front

If you missed thisPure 4×4 BASECAMP 5.0 keep an eye out for their next event, and maybe we will see you there.  

Check out more images from the event.