Apr 2024

When you look at what LED auxiliary lights are popular on vehicles today, there’s one set that stands out from the rest, the Baja Designs LP9, LP6 and LP4 series LED lights. These “Do-it-All” auxiliary LED lights providing near, mid-field and distance illumination within zones 1-5, giving enthusiasts 200-degrees spread of usable light. These high-output lights utilize Baja Designs’ next-generation LED technology and are perfect for any build or race vehicle needing a light that has both max distance and spread in one. Let’s dive into what makes the LP series the most popular auxiliary LED lights in the off-road world.

Direct Ducted Cooling (DDC) – With so much power, a cooling system was an integral part of making the LP series perform at the highest lever. Direct Ducted Cooling, or DDC has been designed in all of the LP series lights for exceptional heat dispersion. This acts as channels, allowing air to travel from the front of the housing to the rear heat sinks keeping the lights from overheating while in use. 

Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) – One of the features that makes the LP series the best on the trail is Integrated Peripheral Technology, or IPT for short. The IPTs allows the LP series to provide an incredible 200-degree spread of usable light, combining forward and cornering light in an all-in-one package.

uService Lens Replacement – Keeping the LP series running at the highest level means having a lens that is free of damage. All LP series lights have been designed with Baja Designs uService technology. Changing a damaged lens and customizing your light pattern is made easy as unscrewing the housing bolts in the back and installing a new lens. All this can be done in your garage or on the trail without the fear of voiding your Lifetime limited warranty. 

Color Backlight Options – Our LP Pro series models offer color backlight options. Choose from amber, red, green, or blue giving enthusiasts the choice to customize their vehicles for shows, photo shoots, or anywhere they want to bring attention.

LP9 Pro

The King of lights, the LP9 Pro utilizes a collection nine forward projecting next-generation LEDs, plus three  Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) LEDs per side to provide 200-degrees spread of light. The LP9 Pro is the light of choice when looking for near and mid field lighting providing intense illumination in zones 1-3 while pushing into zone 4 spot for when the speeds increase. Added features include the availability of amber, red, blue or green backlight and Hi/Low functionality.

LP9 Pro Specs:

  • 12,547 Total Raw Lumens
  • 124W/9A

LP9 Sport:

Get lit with the LP9 Sport. Perfect for enthusiasts on a budget that want a high-power full-size light without the added features. The LP9 Sport offers a 200-degree spread of light while illuminating zones 1-3, a simple easy to use on/off and no backlight for those that are looking at no-nonsense performance without the Pro price.

LP9 Sport Specs:

  • 9,421 Total Raw Lumens
  • 88W/6.4A

LP9 Racer

The LP9 Racer is designed for the demands of high-speed driving. While still producing a 200-degrees spread of light, the high power of the LP9 Racer Edition produces a much tighter pattern into zones 4 and 5 providing higher visibility when the speed climbs towards triple digits. Available with amber backlight, and Hi/Low functionality.

LP9 Racer Edition Specs:

  • 8,374 Total Raw Lumens
  • 132W/9.6A

LP6 Lights

A powerhouse light all-in-one package, the LP6 Pro utilizes a collection of six next-generation LEDs for forward illumination, plus two IPT LEDs on each side to provide 200-degree spread of light, illuminating zones 1-4 while also offering shallow zone 5 racer spot light. Available with your choice of amber, red, blue or green backlight and Hi/Low functionality.

LP6 Pro Specs:

  • 11,225 Total Raw Lumens
  • 103w/7.5A

LP4 Lights

For those with an adventurous spirit that are short on space, the LP4 Pro utilizes 4 forward projecting next-generation LEDs plus 2 IPT LEDs per side to provide 200 degrees spread of light that offers lighting in zones 1-3 along with zone 4. Available with your choice of amber, red, blue or green backlight.

LP4 Pro Specs:

  • 8,857 Total Raw Lumens
  • 75.9W/5.5A 

The LP9, LP6, and the LP4 from Baja Designs are the off-road lighting solution for those who are looking for a powerhouse light all-in-one package. Features such as Direct Ducted Cooling, Integrated Peripheral Technology offering 200 degrees spread of usable LED light, uService technology, and colored backlight options, enthusiasts have a lighting package that will make driving at night safer and more enjoyable. 

Perfect for any vehicle, including Jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, UTVs, Adventure vans, and any other vehicle that needs additional lighting. From winning the Baja 1000 or exploring the backcountry, don’t head out on your next adventure without outfitting your vehicle with a lighting package from Baja Designs.