May 2024

Baja Designs, the Scientists of Lighting, is proud to announce new lighting kits for the 2024 KTM and Husqvarna off-road dirt bikes. These headlight replacement kits are the perfect upgrade to elevate your night riding. 

We have partnered with Motominded to provide a series of headlight replacement kits that are designed to provide a significant amount of vertical and horizontal spread for the ultimate trail coverage. 

This race quality light replaces the stock headlight and along with a new connector makes this LED light kit truly “plug-and-play”, improving daytime safety as well as nighttime visibility. We have packaged this light kit with everything you need to install quickly, even including an additional lens to customize your light pattern for your riding style thanks to our uService technology. Backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty for the ultimate in purchase protection.

KTM Headlight Kit Baja Designs

2024 KTM and Husqvarna Light Kits

Baja Designs offers multiple light kits for the 2024 KTM and the 2024 Husqvarna off-road models. These kits are truly “plug-and-play” with the included wiring harnesses. For those looking to upgrade the stock headlight, the XL Pro headlight replacement kit is ready to elevate those nighttime rides.  With two available light options, the XL80 offering 9,022 raw lumens, or the XL Pro which has 4,095 raw lumens to light the trail. 

XL Pro Compatible models: EXC-F, XCF-W, XW-F, XC-W
XL80 Compatible models: EXC-F, XCF-W, XW-F

XP Pro Compatible models: FE-S, FE-W, FE, TE
XL80 Compatible models: FE-S, FE, FE-W

Husqvarna headlight kit 2024 Baja Designs

XL Pro Specs:

 – Raw Lumens: 4,095
 – 41.4W/3A
– Includes pre-installed spot lens, additional driving combo lens 

XL80 Specs:

– Raw Lumens: 9,022
– 75.9W/5.5A
– Includes pre-installed driving combo lens, additional spot lens

Additional Options:

Choose the standard replacement light kit, or either the light with a hi-low harness or a dimmer harness for full control of the light for riding on and off the road. 

Hi/Lo Harness:
For those looking to utilize the hi/lo functionality of their stock system, we have a light package that includes the  Hi/Lo harness that plugs in-line between the light and the stock harness. This allows the use of the OEM hi/lo switch, dimming the light by 20 percent. 

Dimmer Switch:
The dimmer switch allows riders to ‘dial’ in the amount of brightness of the light. The dimmer at full brightness is at 100%, with dimmable ranges between 95% – 30% power output. Perfect for those that need the most output control of the light on the bike.

With over 30 years of lighting experience, Baja Designs is once again leading the field with lighting solutions that fit every type of rider.  Take your 2024 KTM and Husqvarna offroad motorcycles to the next level by replacing the stock light with a one of replacement headlight kits that will make night riding safer and more enjoyable at higher speeds. 

2024 KTM/Husqvarna Motorcycle Light Kits