May 2024

One of the most unique builds we have seen comes from South Carolina and Carlos Chavira, or otherwise known as @agiywithajeep.  Starting life as a 2009 Jeep JKU as a stock 4-door wrangler, it has morphed into one of the craziest Jeeps on the trails today.

Let’s take a dive into what makes Carlos’ Jeep worthy enough to have been one of our 2024 Jeep Beach booth vehicles.

“The Jeep started life as a stock 4 door wrangler. We got right into it with a Sawzall and created a two door flatbed conversion to stand out from the rest,” explains Carlos. This created the unique signature look that Carlos was going for with his build.  Once he created his single cab, he then built up the frame for the flatbed and fabricated it all in his garage.

Green jeep with large tires on the beach

The Jeep sits on 42-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires on 17-inch Dirty Life Roadkill beadlocks. To turn this beast, the front axle is a Kingpin Dana 60 and the rear is a GM 14-bolt. Both axles are geared to 5.13 with Yukon Grizzly lockers.  Nemesis front fenders keep debris from flying up, while TNT aluminum belly skit plates protect down below.

Under the hood Carlos decided to go big as in a 6.0 LS Swap big block with a stage 2 BTR cam with a Holley mid-rise ram intake and terminator X Max EFI , mated to a 4L80E Automatic transmission.

His Baja Designs light package is extensive. Up front he chose a pair of LP9 Pros, and an OnX6+ 20-inch light bar mounted to a VKS front frame chop bumper. Looking lower we see S2 Pros on the steering knuckle providing light down low where his wheels are pointing. An 8XL Linkable light bar using our JK vehicle-specific roof mounts is installed to the roof of the cab and an RTL serving as a chase light is mounted to the rear of the cab.  Clear rock lights are mounted within the wheel wells finishing off the overall lighting package.

Powering all of his auxiliary lighting in an sPOD BantamX power management system paired to a touchscreen controller in the cab. Not only is the sPOD powering his lighting, but it is also powering his Holley EFI system.  Carlos controls his Jeep from custom PRP seat covers and rocks out with a full Boss Audio system.

Carlos explains of his build, “There isn’t much actual “Jeep” left to the rig, as it slowly turns into a dedicated rock crawler.” While Carlos is still adding to his Jeep, there’s no doubt that he has built a one-of-a-kind rock crawler that is truly his. 

Be sure to follow Carlos on Instagram @aguywithajeep or visit his website at aguywithajeep.com to follow what he does next to his Jeep build.


Products used on @aguywithajeep JKU build: