May 2021

Capitalize on the Tacoma’s True Off-Road Potential with Baja Designs Lights

At Baja Designs, we are off-road enthusiasts and recognize that the Toyota Tacoma is the truck of choice for many that crave adventures in the dirt. It is, after all, a great platform to start with. From a desert bashing pre-runner to a mountain trail overlander, the Tacoma is an extremely capable off-road vehicle straight from the factory. We know how it goes, the build list start from the moment you get it home; capable off-road tires, suspension, and various other off-road specific parts to make your Tacoma trail worthy.

One of the most often overlooked upgrades is lighting, as the stock lights are just not up to the task for off-road adventures. One of the easiest and most dramatic upgrades that you can make to your Tacoma is upgrading the OEM lighting with Baja Designs auxiliary LED lights. The Baja Designs Toyota LED truck light kits will allow you to capitalize on the true off-road potential the Tacoma has to offer.

Toyota Tacoma Baja Designs

Our Vehicle Specific Kits (VSK) for the 2016+ Tacoma’s provide you with everything you need to wire up, install and hit the trails without spending too much time in the garage. We also have vehicle specific kits for the previous generation Tacoma’s from 2005-2015 for those that want to upgrade their older models lighting capability.

Squadron Sport 

Squadron Sport

When you need to light up the trail ahead of you along with what is on the side, the Baja Designs squadron sport lights are perfectly formed to fit inside your Toyota’s Fog light pocket.  These lights may be small, at only 3”x”3”, but they pack a punch on the trails offering up a powerful combined 6300 lumens per pair. The wide corner lenses that come installed on the Squadron sport gives you a light where you need it while traversing the trails. Depending what your specific needs are, BD offers the Squadron Sport with an amber or clear wide cornering lens to suit your conditions. Designed to an IP69K and MIL-STD810G rating, the Squadron Sport will withstand anything that the elements can throw at them.

Squadron SAE

For those wanting the candle power of the Squadron Sport while still being road legal in all 50 states, our Squadron SAE is the clear winner. Retaining the same form factor as the rest of the Squadron series, the SAE’s output has been optimized for an on-road punch while still retaining its off-road capabilities. This makes the Squadron SAE the perfect upgrade from the halogen or HID fog lights that come stock on many vehicles today, including the Tacoma.

S2 Reverse Kit

One downfall of the Tacoma is that the stock backup lights do a poor job of illuminating the area behind the vehicle when in reverse. The Baja Designs engineers went to work and solved this issue with the S2 Reverse kit, thus improving the rearward visibility of the truck. This little kit drastically improves light behind your vehicle whether you are backing up to a trailer or needing more area lighting. Install is simple and fits seamlessly below the rear bumper for that clean, out of the way look. The included wiring harness also enables you to install whatever toggle switch you want to activate the lights.

5 XL Linkable Kit

This is for enthusiasts that want to take charge of their lighting set-up and have maximum lighting on the trail. Completely customizable, this kit includes five of our large XL Sport lights blasting out a combined 15,750 lumens down the trail! Each light can be independently aimed to exactly the pattern you need while off-road, thanks to the pre-loaded support bracket that houses the lights. With rock guards to protect the lights when not in use, wiring harness. Designed for the 2016+ Tacoma, this is the ultimate upgrade when it comes to lighting.


Powerhouse Technology

The squadron series is no doubt a powerhouse on the trail, let us look at the technology built within every Baja Designs light and you will see why we are the scientists of lighting.

Replaceable lenses and optics are a staple built into every Baja Designs light. This means unlike our competitors, our lights are not glued together using silicone, rendering them non-serviceable.

Our proprietary optics have been designed to provide light in seven specific lighting zones. Designed to provide a smooth field of light within the area around and in front of the vehicle.

Utilizing an O-ring seal and proprietary cord technology, Baja Designs lights are sealed from the elements, thanks to the IP69K rating that ensures the highest degree of ingress protection against dust and liquid intruding into our housing.

Next gen circuit board technology allows us to run high-powered LEDs at 100%, using copper instead of aluminum to help with the transfer of heat more efficiently to the thermal gap pad then to the heat sinks. This along with the internal microprocessor-controlled thermistor that monitors internal temperatures ensures that Baja Designs lights are the safest lights on the market while giving you no degradation of intensity.

5000K Daylight
All Baja Design lights are calibrated to a color temperature of 5000 degrees Kelvin, which produces a more neutral light akin to mid-day sunlight. This ensures more natural lighting that greatly reduces driver fatigue and increases the terrain recognition. What does this mean to you? It means that you get a higher performing and safer driving experience.


What’s in the Box?

Our Toyota Tacoma vehicle specific kits have everything you need for quick installation of our Squadron Sport or SAE, S2 Reverse lights and XL Linkable. Included are the lights depending on your kit, all the mounting brackets and hardware you will need for your specific model year, wiring harnesses, and instruction manual.  Typical installation time for our vehicle specific kits, depending on your skill level, will range between 1-2 hours.  This is a perfect chance to spend some time in the garage working on your truck with your favorite beer in hand.

Light your Adventures

Fact is, the Toyota Tacoma is the truck that many off-road enthusiasts use because it is a solid platform that can hold up to any adventure you throw at it.  This also makes it an easy choice when it comes to upgrades, and along with the added security of daytime safety that Baja Designs lights provide while off-road makes this already capable platform even more of an off-road warrior. Baja Designs has a lighting solution for the 2005-2020 Toyota Tacoma that will make you want to tackle the night. For more information on our light, visit www.bajadesigns.com and light your adventure.