May 2022

One of the key features integrated into all Baja Designs’ forward projecting Lights is our user replaceable lens and optic technology. uService is a term coined for our user serviceable lenses that allow for you to interchange patterns on the fly. The technology is based around the compression of O-ring seals to give you a completely waterproof, and dustproof light (IP69K – Waterproof up to 9ft & Pressure Washable).

For us at Baja Designs, this technology is imperative for a few reasons. Out on the trail or race course, damage is sometimes unavoidable. Sand-blasting, rock roost, branches, collisions all pose a threat to your lenses. Even improper care can result in damage. Without uService, if any damage is to happen to the lenses, you’re likely going to be shopping for a brand-new light. However, with our uService technology, you can easily refresh your product in minutes.

Another common situation stems from the ever-changing needs of off-roaders. It is not uncommon that users find they need their light to perform different task than for what the product was originally purchased for. You may make additions to you lighting package and can now explore Spot and Wide Cornering combinations, rather than just playing it safe with our Driving Combo pattern. Or you may sell your vehicle and find your Squadrons would be better suited as Work/Scene lights. You can easily make that change, without the need for a completely new set of lights.

Where do you need light?

We’ve designed a lighting zone chart for you to determine what light pattern suits your needs best. On each of our light product pages is a list of applicable patterns that the light can accomplish. Reference the zone that you need with this list and then you will be able to determine the pattern you need.

Lighting Zone: Off Road Enthusiast

These zones have been designed by Baja Designs: The Scientists of Lighting.


Zone 1 – Dust/Fog: This zone illuminates the area directly in front of the vehicle. Mounting these lights low on the bumper eliminates glare from dust and fog.

Zone 2 – Cornering: This zone provides cornering light which is necessary to drive comfortably at speed. By toeing these lights out 10°-15° a smooth field of light is achieved, eliminating the feeling of tunnel vision.

Zone 3 – Driving Combo: This zone is your primary driving light. These lights are mounted in the middle of the front bumper to avoid glare off of the hood or from dust and fog in front of the vehicle.

Zone 4 – Spot: This zone is your first level of long distance lighting. Lights intended for this zone will give you the distance needed to travel at speed. Combined with zone two lighting, a smooth transition is achieved creating less stress on your eyes.

Zone 5 – Racer Edition Spot: This zone is necessary for triple digit speeds, or wanting to see miles down the road. This is the only forward projection pattern we recommend mounting along your roofline (wider patterns can contribute to glare).

Zone 6 – Rock/Dome Lighting: This zone is used for wheel well lighting. This light is perfect for truck, jeep, buggy and UTV applications.

Zone 7 – Work/Scene: This is a true flood pattern. Excellent work light or “scene light” with an extremely smooth, round pattern. This pattern is not suitable for forward projection applications.

Zone 8 – Backup Lighting: This zone illuminates the area directly behind the rear of the vehicle. It is recommended that these lights be mounted on your rear bumper or cargo rack.

Differentiating between White and Amber Light

While preference will always be a factor, some of the key reasons amber light is used is to cut dust, fog, rain, and snow. The amber provides more contrast and definition when the light is being reflected at the driver. This allows for better terrain recognition in harsh conditions and a safer way to travel.

Our lights will often out last the life of your vehicle, and uService is a big contributing factor. We have a variety of patterns and colors which will serve all of your needs. This technology is essential for a long lasting, dynamic product, and will not void your warranty!

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