Aug 2022

The Baja Designs LP4 is the smallest variant in the LP lineup but maintains all of the power and features of its siblings with a total of 8,750 lumens and a 200-degree spread of usable LED light. This light pumps out 7,050 forward-projecting lumens and 1,700 lumens of dedicated peripheral lighting of our patented Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT).

Designed for maximum spreadable light coverage on the trail, the ideal mounting application of the LP4 would be on the front bumper or roof. Although it was never designed to be used as an A-pillar mount light, we have noticed it becoming increasingly popular. There is one drawback, though, because the LP4 has integrated IPT LEDs that provide 200 degrees of spreadable light that spills onto the hood and reflects into the cab. However, there are a few workarounds, few people point them to the side, and some even just simply add tape to block the glare. We are racers, so we get it. We have used everything from tape and zip ties to get bikes and race cars to the finish line; although it doesn’t look pretty, it gets the job done. 

We have come up with a solution to better integrate the LP4 into an A-Pillar application and being the scientists of lighting we at Baja Designs want to explain how it works.

Introducing the all-new Baja Designs LP4 IPT cover, designed to cover the inner IPT LEDs on the Baja Designs LP4 lights when used on the a-pillar mounting configuration. This plastic piece will block glare inside the cab and hood, allowing you to utilize the LP4 glare free. Thus enhancing your drivability and visibility on the trail.

This kit comes with two IPT covers and double-stick adhesive for ease of mounting. The 3D printed piece mounts flush to the light, allowing for a clean and elegant look. It is flush to the light making the usage of our rock guards still possible. While some may argue that blocking the inner IPT covers might be counterintuitive, it isn’t. The Baja Designs LP4 outer LP4 is still 100% functional, shooting light to the outer side and using the forward-projecting light. 

You can check out our full range of Baja Designs LP series on our website, inspired by our legendary “La Paz” Sol Tek light race proven in the Baja Peninsula. 

Have more questions? Message us at PR@bajadesigns.com. We would be happy to give you as much information as we can offer.