Feb 2023

Another year has come and gone for the largest and most challenging off-road race in North America, the 2023 Progressive King of the Hammers powered by OPTIMA. With over 1000 teams racing, it was evident Baja Designs was well represented across not only the starting grid but on the lakebed throughout all the spectators attending the event. 

Twelve days of non-stop action, from racing to events, it all led up to the main event of the 2023 Nitto Race of Kings, where many gave it all, but it was Baja Designs driver Raul Gomez who would be crowned “King” for the second year in a row. Raul fought his way through the savage 202-mile racecourse and battled with 3-time King Jason Scherer. 

Gomez Ultra 4 4400 race car is equipped with a Baja Designs 30-inch OnX6+ light bar with a race-legal RTL in the back. While he never needed his light bar during the race, the RTL was in full force, as his competitors could see it cut through the dust. But since competitors had until 10 PM to finish, there were many racers who utilized their Baja Designs during the King of Hammers Race of Kings. 

But throughout the week, many other Baja Designs racers were victorious in their classes. 

The 2023 4WP Every Man Challenge (EMC) presented an arduous challenge for over 150 teams and their racecars across three classes during the 2023 Progressive King of the Hammers Powered by OPTIMA Batteries. The 143-mile racecourse comprised a high-speed rugged open desert lap followed by a second lap on tire-shredding rocky canyons, where drivers and co-drivers faced daunting obstacles such as steep climbs, bottomless sand, and colossal boulders.

Jeremy Jones from Branik Motorsports Legends piloted his race car to a first place overall win and 4800 class victory at 2023 Every Man Challenge. His car is equipped with Baja Designs LP4s and a 10inch Onx6 Light Bar on the front bumper. 

In the 2023 Can-Am UTV Hammers Championship, Baja Designs racer Casey Currie took first in the Pro Mod class in his Polaris RZR Pro R, Equipped with a Baja Designs 10″ S8 Amber Hood Mount Kit. This was one of three races Currie entered throughout the week that included Trophy Truck and 4400 in his trophy Jeep. 

A racer who also raced three different races throughout the week was Bailey-Cole, who raced the factory Ford Bronco not only in the 4WP Everyman Challenge but also raced the Race of Kings and the Desert challenge and won T4 – Desert Stock OEM in his Ford Bronco. His Ford Bronco is equipped with Baja Designs XL80s on the A-Pillars. The XL80 is one of our favorite lights, emitting 9,500 lumens per light utilizing 80-watt LEDS; these lights cover Lighting Zones 1-4.

The 2023 Progressive King of the Hammers powered by OPTIMA was an exhilarating event, and Baja Designs was well-represented throughout the week. From the challenging 4WP, Every Man Challenge to the ultimate test of the King of Hammers Race of Kings, Baja Designs racers performed exceptionally well in their classes, with Raul Gomez winning the main event for the second year in a row. The success of Baja Designs racers highlights the importance of high-quality lighting for off-road racing, and Baja Designs continues to be at the forefront of lighting technology, providing racers with the best lighting solutions available. The 2023 King of the Hammers was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience, and we look forward to seeing what next year’s event has in store.