Feb 2023

Toyota Sequoia Lighting Kits

Baja Designs recognized the need for high-performance off-road lighting to complement the bold styling and exceptional capabilities of the all-new third-generation Toyota Sequoia. We are proud to introduce the 2023 Toyota Sequoia LED off-road lighting kits, available in three unique configurations. Upgrading to our premium LED off-road lighting is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to enhance your off-road driving experience significantly.


Baja Designs off-road light kits are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into your 2023 Toyota Sequoia, including the TRD Pro model, without requiring major modifications. Our high-quality off-road lighting solutions will not only improve visibility during nighttime and off-road driving but also preserve the vehicle’s original factory appearance.

Each Baja Designs off-road lighting kit is supplied with everything needed for a hassle-free installation, including wiring, a harness, mounting brackets, and necessary hardware. We aim to provide straightforward and functional off-road lighting solutions so you can spend less time tinkering in your garage and more time exploring the great outdoors with confidence.

Baja Designs XL/LP4 A-Pillar Kits

Baja Designs 2022 Toyota Tundra A-Pillar Kits allow you to continue your adventures late into the night. This kit utilizes some of our most versatile and powerful compact lighting solutions, such as the Baja XL series and LP4. With the provided A-Pillar brackets, installation is simple, and Baja Designs brackets are designed so there is no vibration, even when running down wash-board roads.

Baja Designs S2 Sport OEM Fog Light Replacement Kit

The 2022 Toyota Sequoia S2 Sport Fog Light Replacement Kits allow you to replace the factory lighting while maintaining your original fit and finish. The plug-and-play system from Baja Designs makes for quick and easy installation with no complicated wiring, trimming, or splicing. This kit includes four Baja Designs S2 Sport lights with a wide cornering lens emitting 1581 Lumens.

S2 Sport setup includes the following:

  • (4) S2 Sport, Wide Cornering 
  • (2) Mounting Brackets
  • (1) Wiring Harness
  • (2) Splitter Harness
  • (1) Adapter Harness 
  • All necessary hardware

Specifications (Per Light): 

  • Lumens: 1,581
  • 12.4W / 0.9A

 MSRP: $659.95

Baja Designs S8 20″ TRD Pro OEM Grille Light Kit

The Baja Designs 20″ S8 OEM Replacement Kit gives the ability to replace the preexisting light that comes with the 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro grille while also being compatible with the conversion grille kit. This kit allows you to maintain the low profile appearance while maximizing the performance with the 20″ S8 light bar in a clear or amber driving/combo pattern, giving 12,700 lumens of forward projected light. 

20″ S8 Clear Setup includes the following:

  • (1) 20″ S8 Clear Driving/Combo Light Bar 
  • (1) Mounting Bracket
  • (2) Support Bracket
  • (1) Wiring Harness 
  • (1) S8, Backlit Add-On 
  • All necessary hardware

Specifications (Per Light):

  • Lumens: 12,700
  • 120W / 8.0A

 MSRP: $914.95

The 2023 Toyota Sequoia is the perfect platform for off-road adventures, and Baja Designs’ lighting kits are the perfect addition to take your vehicle to the next level. Our plug-and-play systems make installation a breeze, and our high-quality lighting solutions provide unmatched visibility during nighttime and off-road driving.

With our lighting kits, you can worry less and create long-lasting memories on the trail. Plus, our kits are designed to seamlessly integrate into your vehicle, maintaining its clean factory-fresh look.

Check out our full lineup of 2023 Toyota Sequoia Light Kits on our website.