Apr 2024

On paper all businesses are the same— quarterly reports, HR, marketing, meetings that could have been emails, and so on. As I write this, I hear Brahian on the phone walking someone through our different products. Micah is working with Doc to fix some bugs on the website. We could all be doing this at any business in any industry, so why HERE?

In its second year, the Overland Adventure & Power Sports Show in Pomona, California has introduced an exciting new addition: Wayward Collective. Organized by Nomad Wheels and Roam Adventure Co., Wayward Collective aims to create “a collective of trusted outdoor brands displaying innovative products to enhance your outdoor recreation experience.” This past weekend, we were thrilled to participate with our own booth at the Wayward Collection.

Getting to be involved in events like the Wayward Collective serves as a powerful reminder of why we do this: the community. Inside the walls of Baja Designs, we’re surrounded by passionate people all striving to make this company the best it can be. Stepping outside our doors to interact with brands and customers across our industry, we encounter people from diverse backgrounds, all sharing a deep passion for off-roading, overlanding, racing, construction, and the various communities we serve. This experience reminds us of how lucky we are to be here.

As you walk past the booths, Jason from Rig’d Supply directs someone to check out the racks at Sherpa Equipment. Meanwhile, Alex at Sherpa sends another person to see the wheels at Nomad Wheels. Over at Nomad, Carter discusses lighting options for a new camper build. At Baja Designs, Billson praises the quality of Aeronaut Outdoors, as Brandon at Aeronaut shows some people around his Go Fast Camper.

At the core of all these businesses are people that are here to support each other and serve a customer and community the best we can. Even if that means sending them to another booth that can fulfill their needs in a different way.

We may all be at these events in an official capacity to sell our respective products, but if we weren’t passionate about this community, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you Nomad and Roam for letting us be part of the Collective. We look forward to seeing you all at the next event! If you want to come talk to us about the best lights money can buy, or tell us about the adventures they took you on, please come by. We’re just happy to be HERE.

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