Jan 2024

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between Baja Designs and Mr. Shreddy himself, Blake Wilkey. As we welcome Blake to the Baja Designs family, we are thrilled beyond measure about the excitement and energy he brings to our brand.

Who Is Blake Wilkey?

Eight years ago, a small garage fabricator, Blake Wilkey, made a video tearing up the streets of San Diego with his insane 800-horsepower Baja Bug – it was called Urban Assault. It caused widespread media attention on the internet. Ever since then, he has made a name for himself in the off-road industry, being known to “shred” anything he builds or touches.

But today, he is much more than a fabricator or a media personality. Blake is deeply rooted in off-road culture as a racer and a figure in the off-road community. 

 Blake’s creations are a testament to his versatility and ingenuity. From a nimble 76 horsepower Class 11 Race Beetle named “Slug Shark” to a screaming 560 horsepower Baja Bug called “Megladon.” But it isn’t just old Volkswagens he tampers with; he has built himself a mini jet boat and even a Polaris RZR.

JAWS the TT Bug

And just when you think he’s reached the pinnacle, he introduced “Jaws” – a full-tilt Trophy Truck that is about the furthest thing from a standard beetle. 

While we will eventually dive into every vehicle Blake owns, let’s discuss the lighting on the Jaws trophy Truck Bug. Up front in the headlights are Baja Designs LP6 with a blue backlight, making a great nearfield and midfield light.

On the bumper is the 
Baja Designs 10″ OnX6+ amber with a combo lens emitting 10,817 lumens into zones 1, 3, and 4, making it an excellent light for cutting through dust while providing amble distance. 

With the combination of those lights, it covers most lighting zones crucial for off-road racing except for Zone 5, which is reserved for the Baja Designs Racer edition lights. The roof light rack holds seven Baja Designs XL Racer lights that throw light into a far-spot narrow beam for speeds in excess of 80 MPH.

The rest of the TT Bug utilizes an assortment of 
Baja Designs Rock Lights in the fender and even uses them as lights in the vehicle’s cab with a Baja Designs RTL in the back. As a result, the Baja Designs on Blake’s TT bug is the perfect lighting package to go racing. While he has no immediate night races coming up we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in Baja one day. 

A Perfect Partnership

Baja Designs and Blake Wilkey share a common ethos – a deep-rooted love for off-road culture and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As this partnership develops, we’re welcoming Blake not just as an ambassador or racer but as a genuine off-road enthusiast who brings incredible excitement to Baja Designs.


What’s Next?

With this partnership, the journey is only beginning. You can expect to see more exciting projects and collaborations that bring excitement and innovation to the industry. 

Welcome to the team Blake. 

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