Sep 2023

Jason Denny’s minimalist Baja-ready 2018 Ram 2500 is a testament to purposeful design and versatility. From weekend camping to rock crawler towing, its dual-purpose functionality shines. Embracing a “less is more” philosophy, akin to Baja Designs ethos, the build exemplifies thoughtful lighting choices tailored to needs. Built for quick weekend camping adventures and serving as a tow rig for his Toyota rock crawler, Jason Denny’s minimalist Baja-ready 2018 Ram 2500 boasts dual-purpose functionality that makes it an incredible truck. 

While the philosophical approach of “less is more” yields minimalist design ethos results, it mirrors the similar approach we have at Baja Designs and sPOD. While it might be effortless to buy every light in our catalog and throw it on the roof of the truck, we believe it’s not just about having the brightest or the most lights, but about using the right lights in the right way, tailored to your needs. Let’s take a closer look to see what makes this minimalist Ram 2500 build so exceptional.

Jason’s Ram 2500 started out as a stock truck despite its appearance as an AEV Prospector XL. Although not a factory AEV Prospector, it is equipped with all the necessary equipment to match its function. Outfitted with updated steering geometry and an AEV 3″ lift, it includes the relocation of the spring and forward axle movement to accommodate 40″ Toyo tires. The truck is even equipped with fender flares and an AEV snorkel. 

The custom Baja-inspired front bumper, crafted by Kalil Fabrication, is equipped with four Baja Designs LP6s illuminating Lighting Zones 1-5, along with two amber S2 Pros for cornering lights in Zones 1 and 2. For nearfield fog lights and off-road illumination, Jason opted for a set of amber Baja Designs Squadron Sports in Zone 3.

Jason’s camping style is minimalistic, featuring a Dometic fridge, a few chairs, and sleeping bags in the back for an easy camping experience with the Go Fast Camper. To further enhance the minimalist design ethos of the build, Baja Designs Dome lights are mounted on the GFC interior roll bar, providing Zone 8 cargo lighting. For campfire evenings or late-night rock crawler work, two Baja Designs S1 Work/Scene lights in Zone 1 create the perfect camp area illumination. 

The Ram is not equipped with an elaborate dual battery setup; instead, a solar panel on the roof powers a Yeti 1500x for the fridge and other accessories. To manage all the lighting on the truck, a sPOD BantamX with a touchscreen is installed in the cab. While the option exists to run two switch panels with one mounted in the camper, Jason utilized the sPOD Bantam app to control everything from his phone while he was in the camper.


Jason Denny’s minimalist Baja-ready 2018 Ram 2500 epitomizes purposeful design and adaptability, shining as a dual-purpose marvel capable of weekend camping and Toyota rock crawler towing. Embracing the “less is more” ethos akin to Baja Designs and sPOD, the build showcases astute lighting choices tailored to specific needs.