Jan 2019

It is common knowledge that the tech industry is forever changing and adapting to improve various aspects of our lives. Baja Designs’ engineering team is no different in its focus, expanding boundaries with your late-night vehicle adventures.

Our latest series of lights are at the pinnacle of distance lighting. We are proud to be the first and exclusive provider of laser lighting in the off-road and automotive aftermarket spaces. With the ability to throw light 350% farther than leading LED technology, possibilities are now expanded that much further.

The laser technology that Baja Designs employs differs significantly from existing LED technology. Each laser chip features two tiny eye safe laser diodes. Each of these diodes emit a laser beam finer than a strand of hair onto a 300 Micron (3mm) wide patch of white phosphor. The extremely fine blue laser beam reflects an equally fine pattern off the white phosphor to create an extremely tight 1.5° beam pattern. In short, the smaller light source creates a tighter pattern than is possible with even the most advanced LEDs available.

Typical beam angles from our Spot LEDs – for comparison to the 1.5° pattern of the laser:

  • OnX6/XL Racer Edition – 4°
  • OnX6/XL Pro Spot – 6°
  • Squadron Racer Edition 7°
  • Squadron Pro Spot – 9°

The OnX6+ Hybrid features two of the highest performing styles of LED available – a total of four chips, combined with 2 laser chips that are exclusively available from Baja Designs. This combination of LED and Laser technology gives the user the best in nearfield, midfield, and distance lighting. This bar is perfect for vehicles that have limited mounting space or electrical output. When you need one light to do it all, make sure to consider the OnX6 Hybrid LED and Laser bar available in 10” to 60” sizes.
The XL Laser on the other hand, features pure laser lighting courtesy of 4 laser modules. There is no other auxiliary light on the market that can come close to this next generation, industry leading technology. If you need the farthest-reaching spot light for long distance or high speed applications, the XL Laser should be your number one choice.

(See how Branden Sims uses his OnX6 Hybrid LED Laser light bar in this awesome video!)

Get ahead of the competition, literally and figuratively with Baja Designs. Whether you’re using your new Laser Lights for a casual night adventure or a competitive race, stay at the front of the pack with the new Baja Designs Laser Light!