Nov 2023

We have essentially thrown the kitchen sink at the all-new Toyota Tundra for lighting solutions. From desert bombing Prerunners and Overlanding rigs exploring off the grid to the daily driver weekend warriors, we make lighting solutions tailored to each off-road use case. We thought, why not add one more kit to our lineup to complete the package? Introducing the all-new Baja Designs Toyota Tundra 9XL Linkable Roof Bar Kit.

Whether you are just taking it easy down a dirt road with your camper or you are bombing through the desert, this roof kit has been developed and tested with performance in mind. The Toyota Tundra 9XL Linkable has been designed and tested in some of the harshest terrains, so we know our light kits won’t break in half no matter how hard you drive.

Baja Designs 9XL Linkable Kit

The 9XL Linkable kit provides a classic roof-mounted light aesthetic while producing some serious performance – over 28,458 lumens of forward projected light that has a smooth blend due to the use of our spot, driving combo, and wide cornering lenses. The 9XL Linkable kit. It includes 9 XL Sports linked together for one continuous bar. Rock Guards and brackets that mount directly to the 2022 Toyota Tundra. This system adjusts 45 degrees of vertical pitch within each light or unit. Completely independent horizontal adjustment allows for straight or arced configurations to match the lines of your vehicle perfectly.

This setup includes the following:

  • (1) XL Linkable, 9 XL Clear
  • (2) Roof Mounting Bracket
  • (1) Wiring Harness
  • (1) Wire Hider
  • (2) Pre-Load Kit
  • (9) Black Rock Guards

Starting at:


Wire Hider

We know no one wants to drill a hole in their roof to run wires, so we developed our new Wire Hider kit. A solution that allows customers to run their wiring without it being visually exposed on their windshield or roof. This solution looks seamless and prevents the need to tuck wiring into tight locations or drill into your vehicle. The wire hider kit is universal for all vehicles and mounts directly to your windshield as it is available in 3ft and 9ft with the ability to trim it down. Whether you need to hide wires on your Toyota Tacoma or Mercedes Sprinter van, Baja Designs has you covered.

3ft Wire Hire Hider includes the following:

  • (1) 3ft Wire Hider Strip
  • (2) 3M Adhesive Tape Sheet
  • (1) Rubber Promoter Pen

Starting at: $29.95

Whether you are looking for a simple lighting upgrade on your Toyota Tundra from our Baja Designs S2 SAE Fog Pocket kit or are looking to go all out with our impressive Baja Designs 9XL Linakble kit. Check out our wide variety of lights specifically meant for the Toyota Tundra.