Dec 2022

When Baja Designs founder, Alan Roach developed the first dual sport kit in 1992, we had no idea we would end up here 30 years later. We have made many memories throughout those years and made huge advancements in technology along the way. We celebrated our 30-year anniversary with the open house of our new building in San Marcos, Ca. 30 years of racing, innovation, and building a community that has led us to the forefront of off-road auxiliary lighting.

People from all over Southern California gathered at Baja Designs HQ in San Marcos for our open house, along with other industry partners and brands in the off-road industry. From Trophy Trucks and motorcycles to a Nissan R33 GTR with custom-mounted Baja Designs squadrons as fog lights, there was no shortage of epic vehicles there. Even Dennis Hollenbeck had his Class 11 Beetle, affectionately named “Vochito,” fresh off the 2022 Baja 1000, there on display.


Many people were introduced to the Baja Designs brand and know us for making high-performance LED lighting. While that is true, it is important to pay homage to our history with a small gallery in our building with some of our older products on display such as our legendary 8″ La Paz HID light and the very first LED light bar used at the 2006 Baja 1000. This made for a great opportunity to show our guests the massive accomplishments we have made throughout the years.


Baja Designs hosted a raffle with various prizes, including swag, gift certificates, and Baja Designs lights. We raised $2,240, and all proceeds from the raffle went to Mi Casa Esperanza, a women’s shelter in Ensenada, Baja California, that provides social services for homeless or abused women with children. We were beyond excited we could support the shelter as we knew that money would go to those families in an effort toward a better life.

“I am beyond honored to be a part of the Baja Designs heritage. Going from a high school student with a photo of All German Motorsports Class 1 with 8″ La Paz HIDs on a school folder, to a motorcycle race light customer and now being able to establish a career in the performance off-road automotive space has been a dream come true. The founder’s Alan Roach and Deanne Moore have built a distinctive brand as the continued success of Baja Designs is tied directly to the team members. With such a wonderful group of passionate employees about the brand and solutions we provide, I have no doubt the brand will be just as strong 30 years from now.”

Trent Kirby, Baja Designs CEO

With the help of our friend Nick Sawyers we designed our 30 Year Anniversary shirt that pays homage to the 30 years of adventures we have had. The design includes an LP9 that explodes into a Trophy Truck, motorcycle, Jeep and UTV jumping through our signature amber color.

For 30 years, Baja Designs has engineered revolutionary ways to stay at the forefront of motorcycle and automotive lighting. In the process, Baja Designs’ engineers have become well known as “The Scientists of Lighting” and are regularly sought out by professional race teams to develop and aim their vehicle lighting. Baja Designs has won every professional and amateur motorcycle and ATV Baja 1000 class for three decades. From race-changing innovation to everyday refinement, Baja Designs is dedicated to being BRIGHTER, BOLDER, and BETTER.