Mar 2021

So, you just bought a Baja Designs Squadron Sport Fog Pocket Kit for your Toyota Tacoma and have no idea where to start with the install? Have no fear, as we have put together a step-by-step video guide taking you through the process and the tools you need to be a superhero at installing our fog pocket kit for the Toyota Tacoma!

What This Kit is For:

The Baja Designs Squadron Sport fog pocket kit will fit the Toyota Tacoma from 2012-2020, except for the TRD Pro trim level packages. For the 2016+ TRD Pro, the OEM plastic bezel can be purchased for about $40 from your local dealer.
Kit as seen in the video: SKU#447115 Toyota Tacoma Squadron Sport Fog Pocket Kit Wide Cornering Amber

Tools Needed for Installation:

You will need a few tools to make this installation of the Tacoma Squadron Sport fog lights a success.

  • 10mm Socket/Rachet
  • 4mm Allen Wrench
  • Trim Tool or Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Multi-Meter or Circuit Test Light

Grab your tools, turn on the tunes and grab your favorite adult beverage, let’s get to it!

Before you begin, turn the front tires towards the side you are working on and turn off your vehicle.

We will start with the driver’s side of the vehicle.

1. With your trim tool or flathead screwdriver and 10mm socket, remove the fasteners on the inside of the front wheel well. Pull the plastic wheel well aside to gain access to the fog pocket area.

2. Reach in and unplug the OEM fog light connector.

3. Using the Phillips head screwdriver, remove the mounting screws from the OEM fog light. The screws and lights can be placed aside.

4. Now let’s install the vehicle-specific brackets onto the Baja Designs Squadron Sport lights. Be sure to place the serrated washer that comes with the kit between the bracket and the light housing. This will ensure the light does not spin in the bracket.

5. Now place the Baja Designs fog light assembly into the OEM fog light location using the OEM screws.

6. If there is play or uneven gaps between the OEM bezel and fog light bezel, use the adhesive-backed rubber pads that are included in the kit. Use scissors to trim excess rubber.

7. Install the fog light plug and play adaptors. Turn on your ignition, headlights and fog lights. TO determine which wire on the OEM fog light connector is positive, test for positive voltage with your multi-meter.  With the Multi-Meter, ground the black lead on the chassis and probe each terminal with the red lead until you find positive voltage. If you are using a circuit test light, place the ground lead on the chassis and probe the connector until the test light is illuminated. The positive wire has now been determined. Turn off the vehicle.

8. Now that we’ve determined the positive wire on the OEM side connector, trace it through the adaptor and place the positive wire into the plug on the terminal labeled “B.”

9.  Plug the wiring adaptor into the OEM fog light connector. Turn on the engine, headlights, and fog lights to test that the lights are functioning.

10. Replace the fender well and fasteners. Repeat the steps for the other side.

There you have it, a clean install of the Squadron Sport Fog pocket kits. Step back and marvel at your handiwork as you take a swig of your favorite adult beverage knowing you have done a job well done!

Toyota Tacoma

If you need any more information or technical support, you can reach out to our technical support at info@bajadesigns.com

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