Dec 2020

Off-roading is an exciting hobby, full of intense moments that make your heart race. From the desert to the snowbank, off-roading can be done anywhere and at any time. While off-roading generally happens in the daytime, it can be argued that when done safely, off-roading at night is when the excitement really happens. Darkness adds a layer of fun, adrenaline, and unpredictability that is hard to match. However, you can’t off-road at night without the right equipment. The LED Lighting experts at Baja Designs have a great way for you to take your off-road experience to the next level: peripheral lighting.

What is peripheral lighting and why is it important?

As you may know, vehicle lights have different beam patterns that are unique in height, width, and concentration. For example, fog lights project a beam pattern that is horizontally wide, but they have a small vertical range. Spot beams have a very high light concentration, but do not project wide horizontally.

Most off-road vehicles have a mixture of forward lighting options. However, it has become essential to add peripheral lighting to improve an off-road driver’s visibility in the dark. Not only is it innovative, peripheral technology gives drivers more control over their vehicle and surroundings.

Benefits over different types of lighting

You wouldn’t want to have a single type of lighting (a fog light or a spot beam), just like you wouldn’t want to wear a single shoe. Differed lighting allows you to see where you’re driving when at high speeds, low speeds, or in any weather conditions while off-roading. Peripheral lighting allows you to see more over rough terrain that normal lights may miss.

One of the main benefits of peripheral technology is that it makes off-roading at night safer. Rather than driving blindly through the dark, peripheral lighting gives nearly complete visibility around the front of the car and. This becomes essential when dangerous terrain pops up unexpectedly in the cornering zones. Peripheral lighting also makes it possible for a more extreme experience while off-roading. The visibility allows a driver to maintain speed through otherwise treacherous turns and conditions.

Peripheral lighting options

The best lighting options on the market incorporate both peripheral and forward projecting lighting, though they are few and far between. Luckily, Baja Designs has the perfect technology that combines both lighting types. Our patented Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) will take your off-roading experience to the next level by giving you over 200° of usable light. From the LP4, to LP6, to the LP9 LED lights, upgrading your off-road vehicle has never been easier. Learn more by visiting our products page today.


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