Jan 2023

We know our lights are an investment, not only to the performance of your vehicle but to enhance your experience driving at night. Protecting the finish of those lights can be vital; that is why Baja Designs and Adams Polishes have teamed up to develop the Quick Detailer spray. Protect your lights with the ceramic-infused detailer spray based on Adam’s CS3 active three-in-one waterless wash detailer. 

We know after a night out on the trail; there is always a day followed up by washing that mud and dirt off. Some of those heavy degreasers can contain hash chemicals such as Sodium Hydroxide that will eat through the anodized coatings used on most Baja Designs lights and lead to fading. Though we do warranty most defects, including those that impact coatings and finishes, your claim will not be honored if we determine that your product was damaged due to the use of Sodium Hydroxide. 

All our lights come with a UV protectant right out of the box, but we want to ensure your light is taken to the next level of protection. The Adams Polishes Quick Detailer is a ceramic-infused modern presentation of an active three-in-one waterless wash detailer. Not only is this detail spray safe on your lights, but it is safe to use on the rest of your vehicle. This silica-infused waterless wash formulation delivers a gentle, safe, and effective means of cutting through dirt, dust, and grease. 

It was a no-brainer to collaborate with a company such as Adams Polishes; they have over two decades of experience in the detailing industry. They have designed the Quick Detailer to deliver a clean, finished surface, generate a ridiculous amount of shine, and protect using the latest in silica resin technologies. Tand grime while remaining absolutely streak-free each and every time.

  • Ceramic Infused Spray
  • Utilizes high-quality cleaning surfactants 
  • Easy to Apply and Use – Spray On/Wipe Off
  • Cuts through Dirt, Dust, Grease, Grime and other Contaminants
  • Silica-Infused Formula Leaves Behind a Durable Layer of Protection

Whether you are racing in Baja and need to clean your lights off before you drive into the night or you just got back from a weekend trip and need to detail your truck, the Baja Designs X Adams Polishes Quick Detailer not only cleans your lights but gives it the added layer of protection.

Visit Adam’s Polishes website and pick up a bottle of Quick Detailer, air freshener and sweet new Baja Designs collab tee.