Feb 2024

Jason returned to the 2024 King of the Hammers again to claim his 4th crown of hammers. Behind every great racing driver is a great race car, and Jason’s Ford Performance Bronco is no exception. It features a mid-engine 800+ Horsepower Ford Performance V8, sending power down to gear reduction independent suspension portal axles. It has custom Fox LiveValve suspension and BF Goodrich tires.

“It is a Trophy Truck for the rocks,” as Jason would describe, is a custom race car that utilizes components from a Trophy Truck and rock crawler. This would allow him to go fast in the desert and remain strong enough to crawl through the rocks the size of houses. 

While King of the Hammers is run during the day, off-road lights are optional, but they will be crucial for races later in the year that are run entirely at night. The lighting setup is rather simple for this race. 

On the A-Pillar are a pair of Baja Designs XL80s, which emit 9022 lumens each light emitting into Lighting Zone 1, 2, and 4, making it a great nearfield and mid-range high-intensity light. We always say no lighting package for racing is complete without XL80s, as it is one of our most versatile lights. 


On the bumper of Jason’s Bronco are a pair of Baja Designs LP6s on a quick-release bracket that slides in and out of the bumper. The LP6s has a 200-degree spread of usable LED light; thanks to dedicated Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT), there are 11,225 total raw lumens emitting into lighting zones 1, 2, 3, and 4. 

On the back is the Baja Designs RTL, which is necessary and required for all off-road racing organizations. While it not only serves as an identifier chase light for competitors to see you through the dust, it also operates as a brake light. There is even a white light function in the middle to operate as a work light to illuminate the rear of the Bronco. 

Unfortunately, this year wasn’t the race Jason wanted; it came down to a mechanical failure after leading a good part of the race. That is what racing is; you always have to expect the unexpected, take your losses, and keep moving on. Jason Sherer’s determination and commitment to racing is unparalleled, and we know he will be back out there again to win the 2025 King of the Hammers. For now, he has some races to win in Ultra4 USA.