LED Vehicle Lighting
Baja Designs Off-Road LED Lighting

Getting off the beaten path shouldn’t be limited to bright, sunny days. Baja Designs is the world’s leading creator of LED vehicle lighting for those who crave off-road or nighttime adventure. As the Scientists of Lighting, we use hard data to engineer energy-efficient lights that let you see what’s in front of you like never before.

All Baja Designs automotive LED fixtures exclusively use Cree high-output light diodes. Cree is one of the highest-rated LED manufacturers in the world, with bulbs that provide 50,000 hours (or more) of illumination. Stout housings and seals protect the bulbs, on and off-road. This light is made of weatherproof materials that are thoroughly tested to prove they’ll stand up to rainstorms, mud, falling branches, hard-driving, and more.

LED Automotive Light Bars

An off-road LED light bar is the perfect accessory for Trucks, Jeep, SUVs, UTVs, and other four-wheeled vehicles. They are great for off-road applications that need extra lighting on the while on the trail. Due to the high intensity of LED lighting, boats and other marine applications will greatly benefit from Baja Designs lights. Products such as the OnX6+ and S8 LED light bars provide a swath of bright, white light so you can see clearly at night or on overcast days. We also have amber light bars that are ideal for low-visibility driving or as warning lights. For added safety at night, Baja Designs offers our RTL, or rear tail light LED bars that make it easier for others to spot you on the trails.

Off-Road LED Auxiliary Lights

For unmatched versatility on the trail or the track, nothing beats LED auxiliary lights. Auxiliary LED lights can be attached to the front grille, rear bumper, roof bar, and other locations on pretty much any type of two- or four-wheeled vehicle. You can even use some of them in place of the regular headlights. Whether you prefer the all-around LP9 aux light or need rock lights for the wheel wells, these lights will illuminate everything ahead at that flip of a switch.

Tough Lights for Tough Drivers

Our LED light kits have been trusted by professional Baja racers, motocross enthusiasts, hunters, and more for decades. We manufacture them in the USA and back them with a limited lifetime warranty. Read more about our lighting technology and you’ll see why people who expect the best turn to Baja Designs.


How do I choose off-road lights?
– Off-Road lighting is dependent on three key factors 1) What are you driving? 2) Where are you driving? 3) How fast are you driving?  We recommend spending time identifying what lighting zones you need light to be in. We break down the types of light you need based on where you need light. To learn more, visit our lighting zones explained page for more detailed information. Learn more here