LP6 Pro 6-Inch Off-Road Light
LP6 LED Vehicle Lights

With the LP6 auxiliary light, off-roaders get the visibility they need without take up a lot of room. These powerhouses get their name from both the 6-inch size and the 6 Cree LEDs that produce a daylight-quality glow. Add them to mid-size trucks, Jeeps, and UTVs where you need a compact light. An LP6 off-road light is also excellent as part of a spread. They’re easy to attach to front grilles or roof light bar racks so you can see everything the great outdoors has to offer.

Professional LED Lighting

Thanks to the LP6 Pro, passionate drivers, farmers, and industrial works can use the same lights as Baja racing champions. Each 6-inch auxiliary light has a total output of 10,300 lumens to brighten whatever’s ahead. This includes dedicated peripheral lighting, giving the fixture a 200-degree spread — ideal for work sites and wide cornering. ClearView® optical technology directs light where it’s needed with no waste. Order bright white lights for nighttime adventures or amber running lights to help out on cloudy days. Both options are submersible up to nine feet and can be pressure-washed without so much as a flicker.

Long-Lasting LED Light Power

When you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can’t afford a blown bulb. LP6 automotive lights last up to 50,000 hours — that’s nearly six years if you never turned them off. Direct Ducted Cooling technology improves airflow to prevent overheating that might otherwise shorten their lifespan. Built-in overvoltage protection gives drivers further peace of mind. If a lens gets chipped or the bulbs finally expire, they’re replaceable without needing to ship the whole light back to the manufacturer. Add a limited lifetime warranty and it’s no surprise why people choose Baja Designs LP6 lights. Watch our product video to see these auxiliary lights in action.