XL Racer Edition High-Speed Off-Road Lights
XL Racer Edition LED Automotive Lighting

Speed to victory like countless champions before behind a set of XL Racer competition off-road LED lights. It takes a special kind of person to brave the challenges of off-road racing — and a special kind of auxiliary light to keep them going after dark. We designed them with a special spotlight beam pattern and high-speed reflectors. This throws light 40% farther than the XL Pro, helping you see far ahead even at more than 100mph.

Long-distance visibility is key for any racer or weekend daredevil. Our XL Racer Edition lights the way for off-road trucks, Jeeps, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and any other vehicle that avoids pavement whenever possible. If you ask the winners of the Baja 1000, Dakar Rally, and other world-famous races, most of them will tell you that Baja Designs and the XL Racer Edition played a big role in their victory.

Next-Level Off-Road LED Light

The Baja Designs XL80 is available however you need it. Both the original square XL80 LED light and the round XL80-R light fit snugly on front grilles, handlebars, light racks, and hood brackets. They come in three different beam patterns for your spread. The XL80 LED driving/combo light is an all-purpose solution while the wide cornering light helps you see in dusty and foggy conditions. Work/scene lights have an extra-wide spread to see projects while at a stop. Both the driving and cornering LED lights come in an optional amber color for use as running lights or fog lights.

Scientifically-Proven Lighting

We’ve developed numerous proprietary lighting technologies so our customers can experience the same quality that powers Baja 1000 racers to victory. Each LED 80-watt light has a waterproof housing and cable, precision ClearView® optics, multi-level thermal management, and built-in overvoltage protection. The regular white lights have a 500K color temperature that almost perfectly mimics natural daylight. XL80 lights are so tough you can use them as military or tactical lights. The 20% dimming feature only emanates the light that’s needed, saving battery power and keeping a lower profile. A lifetime design and manufacturing warranty means you can always be confident in the XL80’s performance.