S8 LED Light Bars
S8 LED Slim Light Bar


Get the bright lighting you need without wasted space thanks to the Baja Designs S8 LED light bar. We realize lights aren’t the only accessory most off-roaders are adding, and space can sometimes be limited. The latest light bar from the Baja Designs team has been slimmed down to meet those needs. It’s just 3” tall and 1.6” deep, significant space savings compared to the OnX6+ light bar. Yet it still has the power you need to see clearly for off-roading, camping, agricultural work, and much more.

Compact Off-Road Light Bars

We’ve put all our adventure and racing knowledge into designing a slim LED light bar containing the latest technology. The S8 is available in sizes ranging from 10 to 50 inches long to fit a variety of vehicles. The 10-inch bar emits 6,350 lumens of Cree LED power while the 50-inch model puts out a whopping 31,750 lumens. It does so with a low amp draw to put less strain on the battery. A clean aluminum frame with scalloped housing, machined aluminum bezel, and stainless steel hardware protects the circuity from water or debris. You can order these light bars with 5000K white driving lights or amber fog lights. The regular white lens color also has an amber back-lighting feature to improve clarity in rain, snow, or fog.

Advanced Lighting Performance

This is just the beginning of how the S8 light bar gets you ready for off-roading. We offer it with four different beam patterns for various driving and working conditions. The LEDs last nearly 50,000 hours while exceeding mil-spec testing for reliability. Thanks to our proprietary uService® construction, lenses, and optics are fully DIY replaceable. You can find new lenses along with mounting systems, wiring harnesses, and more in our LED lighting accessories department. Experience premium off-road lights with the security of a limited lifetime warranty.