XL Pro Off-Road Lights
XL Pro LED Lights

For the right combination of visibility, power efficiency, and longevity, the XL Pro is the choice of passionate off-roaders. These compact LED auxiliary lights have everything you need to see clearly at night or on bad weather days. We designed them so they have the projection distance of a traditional 8-inch HID headlight while providing the smooth light spread LEDs are known for. Thanks to recent updates, the XL Pro off-road light has 20% more reach than before while using the same amount of power.

Almost every hobby vehicle or work vehicle can benefit from a set of XL Pro LED lights. Attach them to trucks, Jeeps, ATVs, motorcycles, and side-by-sides using a variety of universal mounting systems. You might even bolt them on a tractor for late-night plowing. Baja Designs is the Scientist of Lighting with groundbreaking technology and precision engineering that gets results.

Lighting Trusted by the Professionals

The XL Pro lights we sell to the public are the same ones used by championship racers and world-class tradesmen. Start by selecting a square or round bezel to fit the installation space. From there, we have driving/combo lights, wide cornering lights, and high-speed spotlights. Click on a product to learn more about what situations they’re appropriate for. We also offer a choice between 5000K white lights that simulate natural daylight or amber daytime running lights.

Inside every XL Pro is four Cree LEDs that shine with up to 4,900 lumens — yet they draw just 40 watts (2.9-amps) from the battery. The lights are dimmable to 20% for additional power savings. Other prime features include built-in overvoltage protection, multi-level thermal management, and self-serviceable lenses. Complete your spread with the XL Racer Edition and other auxiliary lights in the series that provide industry-leading illumination in a compact waterproof housing. If you have any questions, contact a Baja Designs expert using our email form.