OnX6 Off-Road High-Power LED Light Bars
OnX6 LED Light Bar Series

Enjoy everything a nighttime ride or work project has to offer thanks to the OnX6 Baja Designs light bar. The latest generation of the OnX series is brighter, bolder, and better so you have the visibility for after-dark adventures. We use Cree LEDs that last up to 50,000 hours and have a 5000K light temperature; this mimics natural daylight for better trail recognition and less eye fatigue. Attach a high-power LED light bar to the front grille, hood, or roof of your off-road vehicle and see the night in a whole new way.

Baja Designs Off-Road Lighting

We offer several models of the OnX6 light bar for recreational, competition or industrial use. Review them below to see which one right for your driving needs.

  • OnX6+ Light Bar: Our standard OnX6 model is anything but with many custom options for added brightness. Order it with a driving/combo pattern for max trail coverage, spotlight pattern for long-distance, or wide driving pattern for cornering and dusty conditions. It’s also available with amber “fog light” LEDs.
  • OnX6 Racer Edition: This special Baja Designs laser light bar has our “racer edition” 4-degree beam focus, acting as an ultra-far-distance light for high-speed driving.
  • OnX6 Dual Control: These multi-purpose light bars have white inner LEDs and amber outer LEDs. Thanks to a dual power cord and switch, you can control them separately for visibility in all weather conditions.
  • OnX6 Arc Edition: Each of the automotive LED light bars listed above can be ordered with a bend. This matches the lines of your vehicle for a more trim and clean appearance.
The Most Versatile Light Bars

Six sizes of OnX6 light bars are available for any vehicle. The 10-inch OnX6 light bar emits 12,450 lumens; for the 60-inch off-road light bar, you’re looking at a maximum 44,100 lumens thanks to 30 LEDs. These light bars are completely weatherproof and have special battery management technology to save power. Contact us to learn more about high-performance light bars backed by a lifetime warranty.