Husqvarna & Husaberg Motorcycle Lighting

Your stock Husaberg or Husqvarna bike was built for off-road use only, and the manufacturer didn't put a whole lot of thought into 24-hour races or night riding, either. That's Ok — your friends at Baja Designs have that all taken care of for you.


Husqvarna & Husaberg Dual Sport Kit/Enduro Reference Chart

Husqvarna & Husaberg Stator Reference Chart for Race light


  • Factory 4-stroke Husqvarna Motorcycles with headlight will require a D/C KIT
  • 2-Stroke Husqvarna models without TPI will require a A/C KIT
  • Husqvarna Bikes with TPI require a D/C Kit

Husqvarna & Husaberg Motorcycle Lighting

We're betting you'd like to ride your bike legally on public roads and gain the ability to safely ride trails at night. Even if your Husaberg or Husqvarna came with a headlight, it probably isn't street-legal, nor is it adequate for night-time trail use. Baja Designs offers motorcycle LED lighting kits and dual sport kits that are designed specifically for your bike, so installation is a snap. Once in place, your new BD lighting kit will light up the trail so you can see every rock and terrain variation long before you hit it.

Our dual-sport kits are also Husaberg- and Husqvarna-specific. Dual-sport kits include a horn, taillight, signals, a handlebar switch, a license plate bracket, and more. We also carry speedometers and other components that may be required in your state — check with your local inspection station for the full requirements.