Lighting Zone 7 | Cargo

This is the cargo lighting zone. It encompasses the general work zone around the vehicle, and often when you need to make a planned on unplanned stop off-road. Cargo lighting is essential for any build.

Zone 7 light placement should typically on the roofline aimed downward for best projection. However, the mounting of the cargo lights is absolutely user preference.

Zone 7 lights power will depend on your needs as a driver. Campers might find one lower powered scene light per side adequate, whereas a pit crews may want the absolute brightest light when working on a race vehicle just pulling into the pits.

Zone 7 Work/Scene pattern is a perfectly round and smooth light that illuminates your workspaces evenly. 

Below are the most popular Zone 7 lights:

S1 Work/Scene Clear | Clear (White Body)
Starting at $109.95

S2 Sport Work/Scene Clear | Amber
Starting at $109.95

S2 Pro Work/Scene Clear | Amber
Starting at $174.95

Squadron Sport Work/Scene Clear | Amber
Starting at $119.95

Squadron Pro Work/Scene ClearAmber
Starting at $199.95

XL80 Work/Scene Clear | 
Starting at $399.95

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