Lighting Zone 1 | Dust/Fog

This is the dust/fog zone, which illuminates the area directly in front of the vehicle and is primarily used in conditions with significant dust, fog and other particulates in the air. There are three fundamentals attributed to making your lighting package shine: Placement, Power and Pattern.

Zone 1 light placement should be directly in front of the vehicle. Lights in this zone should be mounted low on the bumper to eliminate glare from dust and fog which can reflect back into the drivers eye. We recommend to avoid mounting or aiming these lights too high.

Zone 1 lighting does not need to be very high powered to be effective. A little goes a long way, as the more light you put out means the more light that is reflected back from the particles in front of you. The objective in Zone 1 is to allow your eyes to identify objects in the dust and fog while not blinding yourself when driving.

For Zone 1, we recommend the wide/cornering lens. This lens pattern spreads the light horizontally with minimum vertical spill. We also recommend the use of the amber version of this lens pattern as it produces less glare and particle reflection than white.

Below are the most popular Zone 1 lights:

S1 Wide/Cornering Clear | Amber
Starting at $109.95

S2 Pro Wide/Cornering Clear | Amber 
Starting at $174.95

Squadron Sport Wide/Cornering Clear | Amber
Starting at $229.95/Pair

Squadron SAE Wide/Cornering Clear | Amber
Starting at $294.95/Pair

XL80 Wide/Cornering Clear | Amber
Starting at $399.95

LP6 Pro Clear |  Amber
Starting at $474.95

LP9 Pro Clear |  Amber
Starting at $599.95

OnX6+ 10" Wide/Cornering Clear | Amber
Starting at $429.95

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