We have launched a new series of tech videos to provide our customers with all of the information needed to make the best purchase for their needs.

Check back often to get informed about our latest and most popular products and applications. 





Baja Designs LED Lighting for Bikes With A/C Output

This video covers what our A/C converter does and how it opens up many lighting solutions to bikes that would regularly require some sort of stator modifications.

Baja Designs LED Lighting for Kickstart Motorcycles


This video covers the simplicity of setting up Baja Designs LED lighting for any dirtbike that does not have electric start.

A simple walk-through of the plug and play installation onto your kickstart bike.



Baja Designs LED Motorcycle Headlights Lineup and Overview


A brief overview of the current line of LED M/C Lights from Baja Designs.

To help you decide which kit is best for you and your bike, this video offers an explanation of the difference

between our 3 big LED Motorcycle headlight offerings: The Squadron Sport, S2 Pro and the Squadron Pro.