KTM LED Motorcycle Lights and Lighting Kits

You've said it yourself — your KTM is the perfect bike. Too bad you can't ride it on the street. Maybe you can — Baja Designs makes dual-sport kits specifically for your KTM, so (depending on your local laws) you may be able to legalize it.


KTM Dual Sport Kit/Enduro Reference Chart

KTM Stator Reference Chart for Race light



KTM Motorcycle Lights

Our motorcycle light kits come with a high/low-beam headlight, signals, a horn, a taillight, a mirror, a handlebar switch, brake light switches, and a license plate bracket (sorry, we don't carry DOT-approved tires). Some states may require a speedometer — we have those, too. Just check with your local inspection station, they'll be able to tell you exactly what your state requires. 

Baja Designs also makes high-quality LED lighting for your KTM. From LED two-way replacements for your factory headlight to handlebar-mounted LED light bars that allow you to safely go daylight-fast after dark on singletrack, we have almost everything you need to turn your dirt-only daylight rider into a street-legal 24-hour trail slayer.