ATV Lighting

Off-Road LED ATV Lighting

We offer lighting for ATVs in light bar and auxiliary LED pod configurations. In fact, our range of ATV lighting is as broad as the range of ATVs that you'll find smashing through forests and deserts the world over. You need an ATV lights that will keep up with you. Because of the rugged nature of off-road riding, our LED ATV lighting systems and spotlights are built extra tough. We machine all of our ATV lighting components in-house, right here in the U.S.

ATV HID Spotlights

Baja Designs also offers a full range of HID lighting for ATVs. HID spotlights for ATVs from Baja Designs produce a brighter and more natural light than normal halogen headlights. Because of the higher quality of light, drivers who use HID lights have shown less fatigue and quicker reactions in emergency situations.

Using our HID light bulbs is also an energy-efficient alternative to other bulbs. They last up to the three times as long as halogen bulbs, and consume around 25 to 30 percent less energy. HID lighting is also more attractive because it provides a distinctively cleaner, more sophisticated look than traditional yellow bulbs.