HID Lighting

HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lights

Baja Designs HID lights have been at the forefront of off-road lighting for over 20 years. Our HID (high intensity discharge) lights will change the way you light your drive. HID bulbs are more efficient, cooler, and experience less wear and tear.

The digital ballasts in HID lighting start with a low amount of power and steadily increase it to give the bulb maximum brightness. HID lights from Baja Designs produce a brighter and more natural light than normal halogen headlights, which has been proven to be distracting to drivers. Drivers who use HID lights have been shown to react better in emergency situations.

Using our HID lightbulbs is also an energy efficient alternative to other bulbs. They last up to the three times as long as halogen bulbs, and consume around 25 to 30 percent less energy.

Choosing an HID lighting system from Baja Designs will save you money while also saving energy and making your vehicle look sleek and modern. Choose from a selection of HID products, including: PreRunner, Fuego, and LaPaz so you can choose an optimum automotive lighting solution that keeps you safe at all times. Upgrading your truck, ATV, HID motorcycle lights, UTV, or adventure bike’s lighting system to HID lights is a decision you’re guaranteed to be happy with.